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Philip Sep 19th, 2021 12:42 PM

CDC COVID-19 name on card does not match passport!
My wife and I have reservations to travel from USA to Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in the Spring 2022. We both are fully vaccinated (Moderna). My Card has (hand written) my last name correct, first name with two "L" (my passport is one "L") and no MI. My wife: correct last name, First Name that appears on her Driver's License but not on passport and no MI. The place we got our Moderna vaxs is 4 hours drive drive our house. I fully understand everything may change 10 times over the next few months. Once you meet the entry requirements for Netherlands, can we travel between EU countries without perhaps - meeting other entry requirements?

1. Will we have problem using our current VAX cards with names either incomplete or not exactly as appears on the passport (I guess we could just correct the cards)?
2. We travel from Amsterdam to Belgium by car (perhaps train). Once in EU countries, do they check entry requirements?
3. We fly from Brussels to Munich. Same question as 2. We return to USA from Frankfurt.


lavandula Sep 19th, 2021 05:56 PM

Hi Philip, I would not be so worried about your case, it's only one letter, but you wife's case I imagine might present a difficulty. Does she have any ID with both first names? You say her driver's license has the same first name - I would certainly carry that, better if photo ID. I am not from the US so I don't know how hard it is to get your CDC card changed. You have plenty of time to investigate this.

For Belgium, have a look at the Coronavirus rules here: There is a section near the bottom on Transport and International and that is the relevant section for you. They update this site regularly whenever the rules change. I would wait until later in 2022 to start looking hard at the rules. By then you should have a clear idea of what is expected of US travellers.

If you are flying, you need to have the right papers to be let on the plane and to be let into Germany. This applies to anybody, not just non-Schengen citizens.

I think the key is not that you will be challenged at the Belgian border (especially if arriving by car), but the idea that you might be challenged while on the street somewhere by authorities conducting random inspections. I used to live in Germany and this can theoretically happen at any time, not just during a pandemic. For this reason you must always carry your ID card, or in your case, a passport, and now, also your Covid papers. Here is a page with the German regulations in English:


lavandula Sep 20th, 2021 04:33 PM

Oh - and someone very kind put this up on Fodor's a little while ago. All the paperwork you need for any destinations you fly to:

This is a really good one!


girlonthego Sep 23rd, 2021 01:16 PM

Phillip did you have the shots in a pharmacy? Also what state was it in? We live in Virginia and drove 3 and half hours to a Kroger to get the shots. The person who wrote our names on the card, wrote it all in lower case and child like. Still, everything was spelled correctly. But if it was in a pharmacy, then there is a record of your name, probably spelled correctly in the system with your medical card information stored. Virginia allows you to download a QR code to your phone and you can print it out as well all showing where, when and what vaccine, lot etc.. with your name on it. Your state might also have this ability and record. That may help.

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