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Flame123 Apr 29th, 2014 11:26 AM

Castello di Monterado (for bvlenci)
I have just returned from another fabulous trip to Italy (this time to Le Marche). A trip report will be in the making soon but for now I wanted to THANK bvlenci SO MUCH for the recommendation to stay at the above Castello di Monterado in the small hamlet of Monterado. Never have I stayed in such a beautiful and special place before. WOW WOW WOW. If any of you plan a trip to the northern Le Marche area (about 45 minutes from Urbino). just stay here!!!!!!! More details to come as soon as I get back to "ordinary life". Thanks again !!!

bvlenci Apr 29th, 2014 03:47 PM

Thanks for letting me know! I live very near there, but, while I've eaten at the restaurant, I've never been inside the castle. I thought it looked very interesting, but it's nice to have confirmation.

I'm looking forward to your trip report. I hope you got at least some nice weather. We're having a chilly and damp spring so far.

Flame123 May 2nd, 2014 02:14 PM

No bvlenci, thank YOU so much for the heads up on such a wonderful experience. I don't think I could ever have known about this place without your recommendation.

I am sorry we did not plan to have a meet, I did not realize you were so close by. Where exactly are you located? If you don't mind me asking.

Loved the restaurant, ate there all four nights!!! Only was sorry that whenever I wanted to try the Vincigrassi, they were already out of it!!!

bvlenci May 2nd, 2014 02:57 PM

I'll have to go there myself for a weekend!

Did you visit Urbino? What other towns?

Flame123 May 3rd, 2014 12:07 AM

I did indeed visit Urbino - must say I was a bit disappointed with the Palazzo Ducale - somehow I got the impression that there were many more (in quantity) and many other famous and well-known painting there than what we saw. And yes we visited quite a few other lovely towns. Trip report is in the making !!!

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