Car rented in Italy be taken to Croatia?

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Car rented in Italy be taken to Croatia?

We want to rent a car in Italy and return it to Italy. However, in between, we want to use it in Bosnia Croatia and Slovenia. Can this be done and what company will allow it?

Thanks for the help.
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It is not difficult to find out which companies allow by just looking at web site. A simple web search taking just minutes will show you that:

Cars rented in Italy--
Hertz: vehicles cannot be driven into ... Bosnia-Herzegovina...
AutoEurope: Cars are not permitted to travel into Eastern Europe..
Sixt: Cross Border Rentals are allowed to the following countries: ...Croatia...Slovenia...
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Kemwel allows cars to be taken to Croatia and Slovenia, but not Bosnia. From its web site:

"Travel is permitted into all Western European countries as well as Croatia and Slovenia. Vehicles may not travel to any other countries."
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Thanks for the help.
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I suspect it won't be easy to find a car allowed to Bosnia. A lot of standard insurance contract do not include that country.
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A tough issue here is that tiny strip of Bosnia that separates the two parts of Croatia so that Bosnia has an outlet to the Adriatic. You will need a goodish map to find it, but you will have to cross it if you drive to Dubrovnik.

I don't have a good map at hand but would guess it to be about 5-10 miles wide, maybe less. It is filled with duty-free and low tax shopping and truck stops, if I recall correctly. What I don't remember is whether or not there are border controls.

If not, you might chance driving very, very carefully across this strip and hope no one else hits you while you are uninsured. But if there are border controls, you are likely to have to show papers, and that's a whole nother thing, as we used to say in the South..
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It is possible to avoid that part of Bosnia by using a ferry from Croatia to the Peljesac peninsula and then driving down the peninsula back to the mainland and continue towards Dubrovnik. Otherwise yes, it'll be very difficult finding a company that will let you take their car into Bosnia. Driving into Croatia and Slovenia is on the other hand allowed by most companies.

Although I would recommend against doing this, but you could try your luck as border controls are not very strict on that strip of land. However if you are stopped or even worse have an accident while in Bosnia, it would obviously cause a lot of trouble.
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Taking a rental car on a ferry is another restricted item on rental contracts. Read the fine prints before pursuing this route.
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We rented a car in Italy and took it into Slovenia and Croatia, then back to Italy. This was with Hertz BUT it's important to tell them, beforehand if possible, what you are planning. You need the correct paperwork to take with you in the car.

Also if you are driving in Slovenia you need to buy a vignette - a sticker that goes on the windscreen - as you enter the country. This allows you to drive on the highways. There was a tiny shop selling them just as we entered Slovenia, coming from Trieste, but they didn't speak English. I had read up on what we needed and just pointed to what we wanted and paid.

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I caution you to buy the vignette if you are on the main highways as the fine is quite steep (150 E cash.)
I do speak from experience, as I rented in Italy and drove into Slovenia.

Regarding the border controls on another trip previously, they just waived as we entered Bosnia. Please enjoy Slovenia, it is a beautiful country.
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