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Jodi Jan 15th, 2001 10:32 AM

Car rental through Autoeurope
So far, I have been impressed with this company. They have immediately responded to my emails. I know there are mixed reviews on Fodors, but I am partial to easy to use websites. My question: Should I take the all inclusive rate or the basic and go through my credit card. The inclusive also includes the VAT, plus it seems easier. Can anyone help me this dilemma. I called my credit card company and they cover me only if my own insurance doesn't. It seems like it would be less hassle to take the inclusive rate and not have to worry about claims throough my credit card or insurance. I am confused obviously, please help. Thanks

X Jan 15th, 2001 11:07 AM

Hi Jodi, <BR>This will be the second time we have used autoeurope & we're impressed with them too. We're doing the basic rate & going though our gold card for insurance coverage.... the rate is a lot lower for basic. Just read through your credit card info thoroughly & give them a call to verify that the countries you will be driving in & the amount of time is acceptable for coverage. In Europe I believe you're only covered for 31 days of car rental in succession. We did the basic rate last time as well & everything was fine.

greg Jan 15th, 2001 11:23 AM

The mixed review comes from difference in what part of Autoeurope one had to deal with. For me, had it not been a need to change the rental, I would say Autoeurope was cheap and responsive. The problem comes because they are a broker and not a renter themself, so any changes/problems became a three ring circus, us, the rental company, and Autoeurope. While they are efficient at eventually solving issues, the key word for us was "eventual". For some, this is not a big deal, while other have to be persistant on the phone to get things straightened in their favor. <BR> <BR>Also regarading insurances. You'll have to pour thru the documents to compare what works for you, trying to detect minute gotchas. While CC companies offer insurances, they are quite many restrictions, 15 days max is one of them. It is also not available at all in few countries. Also the item included by cc coverage has much to be desired. We shredded the left front tire in UK for lack of familiarity driving on the left side. Guess what, that was an item excluded by our gold card rental car insurance.

judy Jan 15th, 2001 11:24 AM

I am a "retired" travel agent and we sold AutoEurope almost exclusively in Europe. They have the best rates and again depending on your personal credit card, the all-inclusive is usually safer. In Italy it is mandatory. I am again planning to use them for myself next Oct. in Scotland/England for 10 days. I recommend them.

judy Jan 15th, 2001 11:44 AM

As a retired travel agent, I can tell you that we sold AutoEurope almost exclusively in our office. They have the best rates. They are a broker for other companies, but always had good service from them. I intend to use them myself again in Scotland/England in October. As noted in another posting, check your credit card closely, usually the safest bet is all-inclusive of taxes. In Italy, it is mandatory to do the all-inclusive.

Larry Jan 15th, 2001 11:59 AM

Jodi, a couple of things - we rented from AutoEurope, all inclusive (Italy) and put it on our card. We checked a day ahead of time in Rome and they had no reservation but fortunately did have cars so we had the concierge call and reserve a car and all went well...until we got caught in bumper to bumper traffic on the way to Florence and then spent over an hour trying to get to the rental place so we were about one-two hours late. Nothing was said at check in but our credit card was charged for a full day. The catch was that had we known, we could have called AutoEurope and got their rate. As it was we got the "Italian" rate. Originally, it was $113 USD for two days, all inclusive except fuel. The two hours lateness cost us $120 USD!!!!!!!!!!!! keep in mind that AutoEurope is a broker and will get the the best rate so if any problems, deal directly with them. Yes, I would use them again - I would get an e-mail confirmation from the rental location that they did indeed get the reservation.

Jodi Jan 15th, 2001 12:01 PM

Thank you all. I probably would be okay with basic, but my instincts tell me to go all-inclusive, plus that already includes the VAT and the basic doesn't. So in terms of pre-planning I know what I am paying upright.

Patrick Jan 15th, 2001 01:32 PM

I have always debated that coverage question too, thinking my gold card would take care of everything in case of a problem. We had two problems, once in Finland we backed over a "hidden" concrete divider and really tore up the bottom of one entire side of the car. Once in Italy something apparently fell on our car and the top ended up with a big dent in it. Both times we had complete coverage with the rental and there was no problem. Both times I asked upon return what would have happened if we hadn't had the complete coverage. The answer was the same in both cases. We would have had to pay in full for the damage upon return and deal with our own insurance company (or credit card company) to collect. I can't imagine what that would be like without a police report, clear statements, or not even being able to tell them what caused the dent in the roof! We'll always take the full coverage plan for peace of mind. By the way, we did four AutoEurope rentals last summer and they were all great!

helen Jan 15th, 2001 03:13 PM

If you're a AAA member, get a quote from them as well. We ended up booking through CAA (Canadian branch) for Spain and their rate was lower. We ended up with Avis which gave us a major upgrade - automatic, instead of the manual we booked and a compact instead of a sub-compact, with no additional charge!

greg Jan 31st, 2001 08:25 AM

I found an interesting article of an experience using a CC to cover his car rental insurance in France. This one is not related to Autoeurope, however. <BR> <BR>

wendy Jan 31st, 2001 03:57 PM

Dear Jodi~ <BR> <BR>Take the all inclusive. <BR> <BR>I've been renting from auto europe for years...great rates etc...once they didn't have my economy car reservation and I produced my confirmation slip. In Venice, at rush hour, a brand new Land Rover appeared and the next morning, we were exploring Mount Vesuvius and the Amalfi coast for USD $200 for the week. <BR> <BR>I've never 'needed' the all inclusive, but it is less hassle to sign up, you get a better rate, AND you are covered. <BR> <BR>Go for it! <BR>Wendy

Lesli Jan 31st, 2001 04:14 PM

Used AutoEurope to book car for a week in France this past October and was very pleased. I changed both number of days and pickup/dropoff location well in advance of our arrival, and they were very responsive. Europecar had our car ready as requested and rates were exactly as quoted - quite low. <BR> <BR>Although I always decline CDW for rentals in the States, I paid the "inclusive" rate in France, just for ease and peace of mind.

Capo Jan 31st, 2001 09:35 PM

Just wanted to add my recommendation for Autoeurope as well. I've rented from them twice, in France, and thought both their rates and service were great. Both times I purchased insurance separately through TravelGuard.

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