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Car Rental in Paris

Old Jun 3rd, 2007, 09:57 AM
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Car Rental in Paris

We plan on renting a car from Avis for a few days while in Paris. Does anyone know which Avis Rental Counter is closest to the Hilton Arc De Triomphe?

Thanks guys
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Old Jun 3rd, 2007, 10:14 AM
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I hope you're ot planning on driving the car in Paris. That would be a completer waste of time and money - not only for the rental - but for the garages where you'll have to park. It's useful only if you're going to be taking day trips - and even then I would look into trains if you're going out and back every day.

(And we do road trips in europe all the time - car is our preferred mode of travel - but not IN major cities - only between them and in the countryside.)
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Old Jun 3rd, 2007, 10:20 AM
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Ditto to the above. No need for a car in Paris.

Likewise, if you are wanting to go to Versailles, Chartres, Giverny,etc...the train system is fantastic.

However, if you are wanting to go do a drive in the countryside, I would rent outside of the city to avoid traffic and getting lost: either at the airport, or after taking a train ride to get close to your starting point

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Old Jun 3rd, 2007, 10:23 AM
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Our plan is to use the car to go to Normandy for one day and wine country the next day (if needed). We won't need the car other than that. We are trying to figure out if we need a car for a day trip to the wine country. If we go somewhere like Dijon and take the train, could we get a car when we get to Dijon to use to see the vineyeards or do we just keep the car an extra day (after Normandy) and drive out to the wine country?
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Old Jun 3rd, 2007, 11:01 AM
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If you go to you will get some usefull info

Paris to Caen is 2.5 hrs. Paris to Dijon is 3 hrs.

TGV from paris to Dijon is 1.5hrs

One question I would ask long are you in Paris for? If you are there for less than 1 week, I'd reconsideer this plan.

Secondly, in terms of planning, if you arrived back at airport with car, then caught flight home, could make for better plan.

Is it the Normandy D-Day stuff that interests you? There are tours that may be more efficient.

I've have no info on Dijo. As a comment, if it's wine country in general, many people do train daytrips to Rheims for the champagne houses.

Hope this helps,
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Old Jun 3rd, 2007, 11:43 AM
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You will typically be required to do a 3 day minimum rental for cars in France and you will be charged a considerable amount to park the car in Paris.

Normandy is better as an overnight. It isn't all that easy to get to via public transport and it makes for a loooooong day of travel from Paris and back in a day if you are doing the driving.

If all you have is one day I'd consider a guided tour with pick up in Paris.

Here is food for thought from a tour company I've used and like. They only do tours out of Bayeux so you'd have to stay over the night before if you chose them.

If you are only in Paris for a week I'd skip the day trips to Normandy and wine country or cut it down to just one.
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Old Jun 3rd, 2007, 11:58 AM
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We live in Paris and have rented and dropped off cars in a single day (the Ikea run).

If you have a limited amount of time in Paris and want to spend a day in wine country, the best bets are a) book a tour to the Loire Valley (let someone else do the organising and driving) or b) take the train to Reims and visit the champagne houses.

My husband, my dad and I did two wine weekend trips last year and are planning several this month. We spent 3 days in Champagne and 3.5 in Bordeaux. For the champagne trip, we drove and it worked well. For Bordeaux, we took the TGV to Bordeaux and then rented a car (it was a nightmare driving in the city; it would have been better to stay outside the city, although eventually we got the hang of it). Currently, I'm planning a quick two-day trip to Amboise in the Loire Valley and finding that it doesn't give us enough time to do some proper wine tastings and see castles. (This is because it will take us close to 3 hours, once you add in getting lost time, to drive to the wineries, at which time they likely will close for lunch (their hours are often 9-12, 2-6.) Also, a number are closed on Sundays. I wish we could spare 3 days, a minimum I think for a do-it-yourself trip.

We're planning for 3 days for our trip to Burgundy, but this will also involve a slight detour to Sancerre (part of the Loire region but actually on the way to Burgundy.) This will also be tight, but doable.

We also went to Normandy last year and found that 3 days was hardly enough time to do get a taste of the region. That said, it is possible to visit a single place on a long day trip, via train. For example, the train to Saint Malo is about 2.5 hours (if you get the direct train).

To answer your question about rental cars, if you plug in the address or postal code for the Hilton, Avis should tell you which is the closest location.
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Old Jun 3rd, 2007, 12:27 PM
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Avis will be sure to tell you where to pick the car up. You definitely don't want a car ni Paris, as noted.

Personally, I wouldn't do a day trip to Normandy unless i joined one of those day-long tour groups (which I also wouldn't do). You'll spend the entire day in the car and will miss out on seeing a lot of stuff. I would take the train to Caen and pick up a rental car there. Visit the Mémorial museum there (at least a couple of hours), then drive down the coast to the beaches and cemeteries. Come back to Bayeux, spend the night there, see the tapestry next morning, then back to Paris. That's the most abbreviated trip to Normandy I can think of. Obviously you could easily stretch a trip to Normandy out for more days, even weeks.

I guess the most abbreviated trip to wine country would be either be Rheims or the Loire valley.

But as others have said, I hope you have plenty of time in Paris, too, because darting around to Normandy and wine country really doesn't make a lot of sense unless you've got a good number of days in Paris.

And I'm assuming since Kate lives in Paris, she is using some local car rental agency. If you are arranging your Avis rental from the States, I do believe you're going to find that a one-day rental will cost the same as a three-day rental, so you might want to figure that into your plans as well.
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