car rental cost Germany

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car rental cost Germany

I wanted to rent an economy or compact manual car in Germany for a week or two. I have been getting quotes of about $450 a week for a VW Golf with CDW. SIXT seems to be less but I can't tell if it's the same insurance because they offer a number of different insurance prices. I have tried Kemwell, Auto Europe, Argus, Alamo, and Avis. This price seems very high. I would appreciate hearing what other people have paid for a compact or economy manual car. Thanks
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We rented last September with Sixt. I cannot remember the final figures but Sixt was the most economical. The auto insurance was another issue that took a lot of time to sort out and we ended up using the American Express card with the option for the car insurance. This is a special program with AX that you sign up for prior to your trip. We also rented out of Freising instead of the Munich airport and this was a better price as well
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Thanks Emily. I have just checked with AMEX and they tell me that they cover the CDW is covered with my AMEX card. Was the insurance coverage you signed up for more extensive? They did not mention it to me.
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Hi emiller444. Are you planning to pick up the auto at the airport or train station? If so, you will be paying a tax of close to 19% I believe. We travel to Germany often and always rent a car, usually we fly into Frankfurt and take a taxi to nearby Kelsterbach to pick up, by doing this you save a substantial amount of $ and you can return it to the airport on your departure and not incur this tax. We also use
for our rentals, have always been pleased with their prices and service. One more thing, as EmilyC stated, we use a credit card for booking that provides the CDW so that is an extra expense we do not have.

Enjoy your trip.
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Car rental prices for Germany are definitely running higher this year than in past years. I'm not exactly sure why.

The cheapest price I found for our 3 week trip in September was with AutoEurope. A Compact car (Volkswagen Golf or similar) was running right at $800 but after repeatedly checking over a period of a couple of weeks, the price dipped down to $731 and then promptly went back UP to $803.

I snagged the $731 price thinking that if prices went down again, I could cancel and rebook with AutoEurope with no penalty.

Today, I decided to check prices again. For the same type of vehicle, the price is now over $900.

In 2007, we paid under $600 for a 3 week rental.

Go figure.
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If you belong to AAA, you can get a discounted rate thru

I found an economy car rental for 2 weeks in September, pickup at Frankfurt Airport, for a little over $500 total (no insurance) or if you are willing to pay for the rental up front, you can get another discount of 7-8%.

Use a credit card for your CDW coverage. We use our Platinum Visa but our World MasterCard or AMEX card also provides rental car CDW at no cost.
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Thanks for all the help. I have decided to use the credit card for the CDW. Is it a wise idea to also take out liability insurance with the car rental company? We do not plan to pick up the car at an airport because of the extra charge.
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Hi em,

Re insurance: Let your CC be your insurer. It is effectively the same as the Super CDW for free.

Liability insurance covers you and your passengers. The rental company already has insurance for anyone you harm.

According to the NYT, rental rates have gone up this year, despite the recession, because the agencies have reduced the size of their fleets.

Kemwel and AE will almost always beat another offer. Just call them.

Also check

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Just be sure to use the SAME credit card for ALL of the rental car charges and DECLINE the rental car company's CDW.
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CDW (or LDW) is not insurance - in any form. It stands for Collision (or Loss) Damage Waiver. The key word here is "waiver". The rental agreement makes the renter responsible for all damage to the vehicle. If you purchase the rental companies CDW, they "waive" that term of the rental contract. It's that simple and its not insurance.

If you don't buy the CDW you remain responsible for the damage. Some credit card companies offer to indemnify you for the liability for damages that you assumed under the rental agreement if it the rental is paid for with their card - at no extra charge. That is an "insurance" product. It is best to ask them to provide you with a copy of that portion of the credit card agreement so you are clear on what you are getting. Some of them have limits, deductibles, and place themselves as payors of last resort - it can get complicated. It would not be fun to total a $60,000 BMW and find out the credit card coverage limit was $50,000.

As for liability insurance, just like in N. America, the coverage follows the vehicle, not the driver and it is, therefore, arranged for by the owner. The rental company will have third party liability coverage on their entire fleet. If you are concerned about the limit of coverage they have check with them, but it will always be at the least the legislated minimum and probably more.

Automobile liability insurance does not cover any injuries to the driver but it will to passengers and other third parties. You can't sue yourself for injuries you sustained while you negligently operated the vehicle. If you want first party medical coverage for occupants of the vehicle, you can usually purchase Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) as part of the rental agreement.
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I would hope that anyone using their credit card in lieu of paying for CDW would check with their credit card company to determine exactly what is covered before departure.

Depending on the credit card company, there are limits to the number of rental days (usually 15 for domestic and 30 days for international) as well as the types of cars covered since many vehicles over a certain value are excluded.

I think this is just part of responsible travel preparation, which you assume that most experienced travelers will tackle before their departure.
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We are planning on renting a car at TXL and driving to Prague and then back to TXL to drop it off before staying a week in Berlin. Any suggestions on a place nearby TXL to get a car to avoid those airport fees in Berlin?
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We recently reserved (paid for) a rental car through for this fall. 9 days for $380. This is picking up at Munich airport. We rented through them in 2007 and were very pleased with price and service. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. We called them to reserve using their toll free # on their website.

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