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Aly Jun 14th, 2001 05:47 AM

Car pick-up - Barcelona, drop-off -Madrid
I have a practical question: <BR>I am renting a car to drive through Spain. We plan to pick it up as we are leaving Barcelona to drive south and will be dropping it off in Madrid as we return to Madrid from the direction of Segovia. <BR>Where is the best place to pick it up and drop it off (considering the directions we are departing from and arriving from)so that we aren't stuck in messy city traffic? <BR> <BR>As a second question: We have given ourselves 4-5 days to get from Barcelona to Granada - Any suggections of places to stop along the way?

Graziella Jun 14th, 2001 07:55 AM

Hi Aly I was in a similar situation last month, but in reverse, what we did was picked up the car in Atocha Station in Madrid close to the Palace hotel where we were did we found out, I called the Europacar station first proposed by the rental company (Auto europe)in the US, and asked them , theytold me which was better for my hotel. Same in Barcelona

MIKE Jul 2nd, 2001 09:17 PM


deb Sep 3rd, 2001 02:47 PM

i am trying to find info on fly/drive packages to Spain and haven't found any so far. Are you doing such a package? <BR>thanks.

Maribel Sep 3rd, 2001 04:06 PM

Aly, <BR>Are you renting through Hertz, Avis, <BR>Europcar or AutoEurope? <BR>If you're renting with Hertz (or for anyone who is...), the very, very best/easiest place to drop off your rental is at the Hotel Castellana Intercontinental. Just did this in June-was a snap. Walked into the lobby, walked up the stairs to the left to the Hertz counter (when hotel renovations are completed, in the lobby you'll go up stairs to your right) and just dropped off the keys with the agent-no hassles, no questions asked (or if the Hertz counter is closed, you can give the keys to the concierge). We came in from Segovia on the A6 (as you will) past the Ciudad Universitaria, then turned left (before you hit the Arco de la Victoria, which looks like a small Arc de Triomphe) onto Av. Reyes Catolicos which feeds into Cea Bermudez, which leads to Jose Abascal, then down to the intersection of Castellana Blvd at the traffic circle Gregorio Maranon. There take a right onto the Castellana. The Intercontinental will be on your right after passing the <BR>next traffic circle called Emilio Castelar. <BR>Or if you're renting with Avis, drop off at the Park Hyatt Villamagna, which is just a bit further down on the Castellana on the left at Jose Ortega y Gasset. Then let a taxi driver negotiate the nightmarish traffic to your hotel. This method is actually much quicker and less stress- producing than having to go all the way up to Chamartin rail station or all the way down to Atocha station (where the car rental area is cleverly "hidden" downstairs) and trying to cope with more horrendous Madrid traffic yourself. <BR>Hope this helps. <BR> <BR>P.S. This applies ONLY when coming into the city from (or departing to) Segovia/Avila/El Escorial. The best pick up/drop off for Toledo is Atocha rail station and for Burgos & points north is Chamartin station or even Barajas airport)

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