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Dean Aug 8th, 2002 05:11 PM

Cappadocia to Anatolya by car
In September we're planning a two-week trip to Turkey. I'm planning a clockwise route beginning in Istanbul, flying to Kayseri, then on to the coast. Flights to Antalya require a stop in Istanbul. It's cheaper to drive to Antalya plus I don't think we'd save much time flying. Has anyone here driven between Cappadocia and Anatalya? I figure it's about 8 hours max. Is that correct?

murat Aug 9th, 2002 12:06 AM

Dean, your thought of the route absolutely an efficient one. <BR><BR>I live in Cappadocia and used to live Antalya area. I just drove the road twice last week. You should calculate 7 hrs day time driving with two stops.<BR><BR>Cappadocia to Konya is about 2,5 hrs and you can drive faster since its a straight highway on a platou. Mind you you should take the risk of getting a ticket for speeding :-))<BR><BR>1 hr after Konya you start driving on mountains up and down. Sceenery is just fantastic.<BR><BR>Good luck and have fun<BR><BR>Murat

abc Aug 9th, 2002 12:27 AM

Dear Dean,<BR><BR>You can fly to Kayseri then you can rent a car to go to Cappadocia then to Antalya is the best way to have trip. DON'T FLY TO ANTALYA VIA ISTANBUL because wasting time If you rent a car you can also see the IHLARA CANYON, AGZIKARAHAN CARAVANSERAI, SULTAN HANI which is the largest CARAVANSERAI on the silk road (In Turkey) and KONYA you may stay overnight this town because Mevlana whirling derwish is here also you may see the SELCUK art in this town.<BR>If you have time you may go to CATALHOYUK where you can see the oldest town in the WORLD (9.000 BC).<BR>The road after Konya is nice you will drive to Mountain and beatiful wiev of TOUROS. From Konya (If you stay overnight here) to Antalya takes 4 or 5 hours (Its depend on your driving, don't drive more then 90 KM per hours otherwise your will get ticket)<BR><BR>Enjoy<BR><BR>ABC

dean Aug 9th, 2002 02:50 AM

Thank you very much for your responses and travel tips.

Kris Aug 9th, 2002 05:51 AM

Dean, we did the same route in May. I think it took us a little longer to drive than 8 hours but we stopped in Konya for lunch and to have a look around. From Cappadocia to Konya is a flat easy drive, from Konya to the coast is a little tougher drive through the mountains. It is quite beautiful.<BR><BR>A couple of tips for you-make sure you have adequate insurance coverage either via your credit card (CDW) or through the rental agency. We had a flat tire, I've heard reports of lots of broken windshields and we got sideswiped by a bus in Antalya (only minor damage but it was covered). And try to drive in the daylight hours.<BR><BR>Flights on Turkish Air are more expensive if purchased in the US than in purchased in Turkey. We had too tight of a schedule to wait until we got there but we were able to book through the guide we booked in Cappadocia (tour and hot air balloon). The flights were $85 each way.<BR><BR>I got a good deal through Budget, AutoEurope was also not too bad. There are no onsite rental agencies in Kayseri but Budget sent someone to the airport to pick us up. Be sure to look for them outside the airport right after you claim your luggage, they left someone behind when they picked us up.

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