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Greeba Apr 8th, 2000 07:50 PM

Canadian dollars
Forgive me for sounding so backward BUT can any of you kind people tell me what 8,000drachma is in Canadian. I did try the conversian "thing" on my computer but it said that as it was Saturday it could"nt tell me! But then again other days did not work either! Must be me -I am not very good on the computer! Thanks again. Greeba

Susan Apr 8th, 2000 07:57 PM

It's $33.25 CAD according to the currency converter I used. I saw your earlier note re cheap flights to Greece. Did you find something?

April Apr 8th, 2000 10:53 PM

Greeba, <BR>I don't know what site you're using but you could try: <BR> <BR>I've never had it not work.

greeba Apr 9th, 2000 05:22 AM

Hallo Susan- thankyou for your help re cdn $. The cheapest flight I have found so far is $800.00 for end of May. I am now going to try sky auction and Priceline.Bit nervous so wish me luck!!!Thanks again. Greeba

Blemke Apr 9th, 2000 09:51 AM

Hi, <BR>About cheap flights,,,we are going to <BR>Amsterdam for $500. canadian with Canada <BR>3000....from British Columbia

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