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tudorprincess Oct 24th, 2004 06:42 AM

Can you spend an entire day in Sheffield?
I just received a brochure from the Sheffield tourist board and it looks like there is a lot to see and do in Sheffield. As we already have plans to go to York I'm wondering if we could do both the same day or should we plan on an overnight in one of the towns?

ben_haines_london Oct 24th, 2004 08:00 AM

The City Council has a site at Under Attractions this says:
The city's offering of galleries and museums is impressive and houses everything from rare and ancient artefacts to the latest in contemporary art.

Whether your interests lie in industrial or cultural heritage there is lots to explore in Sheffield. Internationally renowned stately homes such as Chatsworth and Hardwick Hall, sit on our doorstep, while Industrial Heritage sites of world importance offer fascinating reminders of our illustrious past.

At th City lists the attractions, which would certainly take more than a day to see.

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flanneruk Oct 24th, 2004 09:42 AM

"a brochure from the Sheffield tourist board ..looks like there is a lot to see and do in Sheffield"

Well they would say that, wouldn't they? But Sheffield itself really isn't in the same category as Britain's major postindustrial cities, like Liverpool Machester or Glasgow - either as a place to look at, or in its museums etc.

It IS well-stocked with industrial archaeology (but just about everywhere is). It's got some of Britain's best countryside (and walking territory) on its doorstep, as well as all those stately homes and things. And I guess if you've seen almost everywhere in Britain, it might be worth investing a day to tick Sheffield off in your list.

I'd certainly vote for a day in or near the Derbyshire dales (though there are much nicer places to overnight for them than Sheffield. Buxton, Bakewell or Matlock for example). But spending a holiday in Sheffield would certainly mean you'd been somewhere you could be pretty sure no-one else on the plane going home had ever holidayed in before.

Daisy54 Oct 24th, 2004 01:22 PM

If you're a fan of the band Def Leppard, do go to Sheffield as it is their home town, I wuold love to go there some day and look up Def Lep sites - like where they played their first gig, Steve Clark's grave etc.

janis Oct 24th, 2004 02:58 PM

please, please. PLEASE, do not take any time away from York to squeeze in a trip to Sheffield. As flanneruk says, you could find great scenery and villages in the nearby Peak District. It is lovely -- but still not up to what you could see/do in and around York.

Every town/city in the UK has interesting looking tourist brochures. But saying there is lots to see doesn't necessarily make it so . . . . . .

Tallulah Oct 25th, 2004 12:39 AM

I spent 3 glorious years in Sheffield when I was at university there; I love the city, the people and everything about it.

However, unless you are visiting friends/family etc, do NOT make it part of your holiday!

It might be worth visiting the countryside around it (the village of Castleton springs to mind) but unless you want to see what a bog-standard, 'normal', industrial city with little by way of tourist attractions is like, don't go out of your way to go there. I really do love the place and hate writing this, but that's the reality.

(Huge apologies to anyone from Sheffield!)

tudorprincess Oct 25th, 2004 12:51 AM

Thanks for all the replies. If we do decide to go to Sheffield we'll make it a separate trip from York. Yes, Daisy54, I'm a huge fan of Def Leppard but the brochure really did make the town look quite interesting.
Thanks Ben, I did check out the sites you mentioned and unfortunately Hardwick Hall and Chatsworth House are both closed in February when we will be in England.

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