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KarenAG Mar 18th, 2005 08:12 AM

Can Others Delete My Posting?
Twice I posted questions regarding wheelchairs and flying and twice I tried to bring them up to see answers and can't find them. Am I doing something wrong?

111op Mar 18th, 2005 08:13 AM

Click on your name.

You can find all the threads you've contributed to.

jlm_mi Mar 18th, 2005 08:30 AM

Yep, what 111op said. This board moves fast, and only the newest 50 posts are on the front page.

No one, not even you, can delete your posts, except the fodors board moderators/editors. But yours haven't been deleted.

kamahinaohoku Mar 18th, 2005 08:41 AM

KarenAG - I just topped off your 3/18 post.

FainaAgain Mar 18th, 2005 09:17 AM

Only Fodor's can delete a post. Even you can't delete or edit your initial post after you hit "post".

JimF Mar 18th, 2005 11:01 AM

Right now, there are two of your postings in the most current 50.

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