Can one buy an RER ticket ahead of time?

Aug 20th, 2004, 12:38 PM
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Can one buy an RER ticket ahead of time?

I have a question that I don't think has been addressed in this forum. Can one buy an RER ticket ahead of time or is it necessary to buy it and use it that day? For example, we plan to arrive in Paris on the day before Easter Sunday and go to Versailles the next day. I'm wondering if we could buy an RER ticket on Saturday to use on Easter Sunday. If not, could we buy a Mobilis Pass, Zone 1-4 to use? I'm still unclear as to whether you can use the Mobilis Pass, Zone 1-4, for the whole trip, as I recently read somewhere that you can only use the Mobilis as far as the Metro runs. Then, it would seem that I would have to buy an SNCF ticket ahead of time.

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Aug 20th, 2004, 12:40 PM
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Hi Sandy,

All you have to do is walk up to the ticket counter and get on the next train.
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Aug 20th, 2004, 04:15 PM
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RER is not SNCF. The connections are usually between the métro and the RER. There is no need to buy a ticket ahead of time but you may find yourself in our situation. We took the métro to Denfert-Rochereau and when we arrived at the RER turnstiles, there was no way to be a ticket. So we used the métro ticket to get into the RER, which is valid within Paris, and took the train to the suburbs where you can't pay the surcharge. For some reason my ticket allowed me through the exit turnstile, but my wife had to crawl under because her ticket was not valid. I believe that any métro station will sell you an RER ticket to your destination, thus avoiding our little problem.
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Aug 21st, 2004, 02:21 AM
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Yes, you can buy your ticket ahead of time if you want - as long as the ticket hasn't been passed through the turnstile, it'll remain valid. But as others have mentioned, at least one ticket counter will be open at each station. You can also use the ticket vending machines (if you have correct change). Note that there aren't always ticket counters at *every* entrance to the metro/RER station, but there will always be at least one, and it will be signposted.

If you want to buy a Mobilis pass for zones 1-4, then it will be valid for the trip to Versailles. It's valid on most of the Parisian public transport network for those four zones (buses, trams, metro, RER and suburban trains).
I'm not sure if you can buy the pass in advance of the day you want to use it though.

Michael, just for the sake of being pedantic ;-) the RER is actually run jointly by the SNCF and the RATP (Paris transport authority). In particular, the RER C line is operated by the SNCF.
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Aug 21st, 2004, 03:21 AM
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yes sandy you can. That is what i did.I bought a mobilis card zone 1-4 and validated it with my pen the next day .its a day card good for metro/rer(till zone 4) & bus (it is the mobilis zone 1-2 thats only good for metro line & inner part of RER).
i think a mobilis zone 1-4 cost me around 8.5 euros.
take the RER C from Javel as there are works on the line further into Paris or check on if the works will be done by javel determine if the next train's destination is Versailles RG (rive gauche).this drops you off 500m from chateau.

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Aug 21st, 2004, 09:15 AM
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Thanks so much for all your helpful replies! Ira, I agree.. that would be best to be able to walk up and buy the ticket and get on the next train. However, when we went to buy tickets in the D'Orsay staition on Easter one year there were no ticket windows open at all, so we couldn't do that. We looked at the ticket machines and decided against them. We ended up taking a tour instead. The Mobilis Zone 1-4 sounds like the best idea, given we want to visit Versailles on Easter Sunday. Michael, that's what I'd like to avoid, having to crawl under a turnstile I could just see a hand on my shoulder and getting fined.

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