Can I drive in Europe with a US license?

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The Yorkshire hail/snow of a fortnight ago has finally melted away to be replaced by 24/26C today (I'm guessing might be 78F, if I knew what F was). This climate change thing you American have given to us is weird, the daffodils have been stonking this year going on for month after month, the snow drops came up at the same time as the daffodils and died soon after (a bit frustrating as our local charity planted 10,000 of the blessed things last autumn) while the British (rather than Spanish) bluebells are putting on an amazing display just as the daffies die off.

I see Northen Italy has heavy rain...

Mrs B hasn't owned a car for 20 years now, still using the bike and lifting the coal sacks keeps her fit.

The Tour de Yorkshire seemed to go off pretty well except the (French) broadcaster managed to banjax their plane cameras and missed the shots of the lads whizzing by the town party in Otley.

Vienna, take public transport and watch out for bike tyres on tram tracks.
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"IME people who are FINALLY at the legal age to drive REALLY WANT to do so and it certain;y isn't the least bit mysterious to myself, anyway"

Sorry, Dukey, but our son turned 16 a couple of months after we arrived in Vienna (with his drivers permit), and after having vicariously experiencing the two of us navigating the traffic nightmare that is metro DC for almost 20 years, had zero interest in obtaining his driver's license while he lived here. Once he returned to the US for university he obtained his license, mostly for identification. When he is here in Vienna he, like we, go out of our way to avoid driving in the city.
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"IME people who are FINALLY at the legal age to drive REALLY WANT to do so "
That is a very American viewpoint. I grew up in England and did not immediately rush out to get a license. In fact I think I was 20 before I got one, and a year later I moved to London for a couple of years and didn't use it at all there. My niece, who went to university in Edinburgh and lives in London, has never owned a car and is in her 30s.>>

same here, thursdaysd. our DS, now 25, shows no inclination to learn to drive, despite our offers to fund lessons as birthday/Christmas presents. he prefers to use public transport, cadge the odd lift from us, and [wait for it] walk.
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>>IME people who are FINALLY at the legal age to drive REALLY WANT to do so and it certain;y isn't the least bit mysterious to myself, anyway
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I agree with most of you, I suppose it depends on the person. I've been dreaming of driving ever since I was 8. But I do have friends who are already 16 and haven't even cared get their permit yet. Thank you so much for your information Cowboy* I will definitely look into it! Thanks for being so understanding towards me Ducky*. Though I definitely understand where others' opinions come from based on some of the people that I know. Thank you all again for helping me!
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The expat kids who live here (Belgium) cannot drive until they are 18. The local law comes first.
You cannot apply your own laws while abroad. Otherwise my 17-year old would be able to drink beer on our upcoming US holiday - don't think that that will work ;-)

And indeed, I see many young people who prefer public transport and see no need for a drivers license.
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