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Mike Jul 1st, 2001 06:44 PM

Camera choices
When I was last in Europe, many years ago, I carried an SLR with lens, etc. The container, about the size of a breadbox, became an appendage, never leaving my side and a huge pain in...<BR>Question..experienced photographers and/or those with good results...Is digital the way to go? if so, with which accessories..would like to go as light as possible with the best results..<BR>Thanks for your time,<BR>Mike

xxxx Jul 1st, 2001 08:25 PM


Art Jul 1st, 2001 09:25 PM

Hi Mike, there have been several posts on this subject. The consensus is that the digital does still not have the resolution of a good SLR, especially if you enlarge them. That being said, the digitals are getting better all of the time. Another thing to consider is how many pictures do you take. Will you need to buy many memory sticks or disks? Will you carry a laptop with you to download. I still am carrying my Canon A1 in additional to an Olympus Stylus with high speed film for indoor shots. Do a search on cameras and you will get a lot more info with a lot of opinions.<BR>Regards,<BR>Art<BR>

Gretchen Jul 2nd, 2001 02:52 AM

I think it depends on your digital capability and if you are going to make 8X10's (which with the 3.3MP cameras you can do). The problem of memory cards if you are taking at the highest resolution raises its head. There is now a portable zip drive (Fotoshow) that you can download to or even have a slideshow on the TV. It is about the size and weight of an Eyewitness Guide. The power cord is very heavy but not particularly bulky. The compactness and light weight of the camera will probably offset the inconvenience of that. The flexibility of features of my digital is making me rethink taking my SLR to France this fall, particularly since we will not be moving a number of places to pack up luggage, etc. Another possibility if using digital is to make a CD of your travels, even including bursts of movies, and then share with family. If you want to see the Fotoshow features google and look for it there.

Myer Jul 2nd, 2001 02:55 AM

I agree with Art. The digitals don't quite have the resolution but that's not the issue. It's the memory.<BR>Unless you don't take many photos, have much memory or have a laptop with to download the photos in the evening you will have a problem.<BR>I still use my old Canon AE-1 with great results. I am considering finally getting a new one (possibly Canon Elan 7) to take advantage of newer technology such as weight, auto focus and auto wind. One of my concerns is that most are now made of plastic. I dropped mine a few years ago on the pier at Luzern and I just picked it up and continued. <BR>I don't agonize over whether to take a shot and then about seeing a slightly better one just after shooting the first. I just snap. It's very difficult to guess just which ones will bring back the great memories.<BR>

Jim Tardio Jul 2nd, 2001 10:00 AM

The problem I have with digitals is the delay time between shots. Many times I want to take several shots of a subject, and unless you have a pro-model digital, you're going wait too long between shots.<BR><BR>You can do all the neat things with film just like you can do with digital. Most processers will now burn your images onto cds, as well as making prints for you.<BR><BR>Lots of travel photos on my site:<BR>

Mike Jul 2nd, 2001 12:39 PM

Thank you all for the very thoughtful replies..the generosity of the people on this site never ceases to amaze me...this is the next best thing to actually travelling! <BR>Mike

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