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wantagig Jun 13th, 2003 08:49 PM

Cagliari to Trapani by Ferry
Has anyone taken this ferry? If I read the information correctly,( it says that it leaves every evening at 7pm and arrives at 6am. It looks like the price is only about 75 euro. I assume that is per person, for a 1st class luxury cabin.

We wanted to fly from Alghero to Palermo, but Alitalia says that no airline flys from Sardinia to Sicily. That seemed weird to me. I just didn't want to spend time in airports. We would have to fly from L.A. to Naples, from Naples to Sardinia, from Sardinia to Naples, and then from Naples to Palermo, then back to Naples and back to L.A. Not appealing.

So, since there is no flight from Sardinia to Sicily, I'm looking into the ferry. That is one long ferry ride and I'm not sure that it'll be too pleasing. That's why I'm asking you. I'd love to hear from you. We have 3 weeks to spend. My husband is giving me free reign to plan this. I wanted to spend a week or so in Sardinia, then two weeks or so in Sicily and the island of Lipari. (I learned about Lipari from this forum) We're leaving the 3rd week of Sept.

wantagig Jun 15th, 2003 07:06 AM


Steve_James Jun 16th, 2003 02:00 AM

'Easy Island' is the airline which flies the Cagliari-Palermo route (- currently 5 days per week).

Hope this helps ...


GeoffHamer Jun 16th, 2003 03:39 AM

This service runs only once a week, leaving Cagliari on Sundays at 1900. Tirrenia also runs a service from Cagliari to Palermo, which I think is also weekly. Fares range from 32 Euros without accommodation to 75 Euros in a luxury cabin. Tirrenia is a state-owned company and most routes have competition from private companies, but there is no alternative ferry service between Sardinia and Sicily - there is obviously not enough traffic to attract any competition.

GAC Jun 16th, 2003 07:33 AM

Wantagig: I've planned your exact itinerary, so I know the limitations and possibilities. For decades, Alitalia had a daily nonstop from Cagliari to Palermo, but pulled out a few years ago due to poor revenue. Now the route is served by "Easy Island" using propeller aircraft.

The Tirrenia car ferry "Torres" is a reasonable means of transportation and should be satisfactory, particularly if you book one of the "first class deluxe cabins" (but don't expect too much, as this is the oldest ship in the fleet).

Also, avoid mid June to mid September, when the ship gets overbooked and uncomfortably crowded (read Patrick's report on his experience on the Cagliari to Palermo line).

From Trapani, you can take the Segesta bus every 30-60 mins. to Palermo, and then proceed by hydrofoil to Lipari (June-Sept only), or by train via Milazzo. The bus leaves from the Ferry dock in Trapani.

GAC Jun 16th, 2003 07:39 AM

Trapani also makes for an excellent base for day trips to Erice, Mozia, Marsala, Mazara del Vallo, Selinunte, and the Egadi Islands. It is also the main gateway to Pantelleria Island. The Church of the Purgatorio with its beautiful wood statues of the Passion of Christ is worth visiting. It is located about 300 yards from the Ferry Dock.

wantagig Jun 16th, 2003 08:18 AM

Hi Steve: I did a dogpile search for Easy Island, couldn't find it, but found Easy Jet. They don't fly between the two islands, but in my search I found Meridiana Air, which does! I did a search for two from Olbia to Catania and it was 488 euro! Ouch! HOWEVER, I punched in "next date" repeatedly until I found a flight on Sunday for 110 euro plus 25 euro tax pp. Then I read that the fare was good through the 28th. (helps to read Italian in this case) So I punched in a flight for departing on the 28th and it came back as 15 euro each!!!!!! of course when you add the 25 euro in taxes it's more, but can you believe it??? So, basically, I want to say thanks because if it weren't for you, I'd have believed the Alitalia lady, and been left with no choice but the ferry.

Geoff, thanks for the clarification that it's a Sunday ONLY departure. (I still have trouble with reading timetables and train schedules) It will still be an option if I can't book the flight. I have to wait for my husband to secure the flight over there with frequent flyer miles. I hope to get that done today.

GAC: I just read your reply. I'm gonna try another search for Easy Island. And thanks for the tip on hanging out at Trapani for a couple days. So much to learn! BTW, is the price for the room on the ferry for two people or per person?

GAC Jun 16th, 2003 08:53 AM
[email protected]

Jetstream J31 propeller (19 seats)
lv Cagliari 19:30 1-3-4-5-7
ar Palermo 20:35
Flight BX901

Tirrenia Lines every SUNDAY evening from Cagliari to Trapani. Every FRIDAY evening from Cagliari to Palermo.

Fare from Cagliari to Trapani on Sunday, Sept. 23 in a "First Class de luxe cabin": Euro 65.59, plus 1.86 port tax and 4-5 Euro reservation fee. Fares are PER PERSON in double occupancy. Fares to Palermo similar.

First Class Cabins have private toilet. De Luxe also have shower. The cabins are small, but have a/c. There is a cafeteria, two bars, and a restaurant on board.

Do you want to leave Sardinia from Alghero, Olbia or Cagliari? Meridiana flies out of Olbia and Cagliari; Air One out of Cagliari and Alghero; Alitalia only out of Cagliari (to FCO).

To get to Sicily, your best bet is the nonstop Easy Islands flight out of Cagliari, or the weekly ferry to either Trapani or Palermo. (I don't know about the reliability of the flight).

I believe that taking Meridiana to Catania (out of Olbia) will require a plane change in FCO.

GeoffHamer Jun 16th, 2003 09:06 AM

The fares quoted for Tirrenia are per person. I used this service once years ago, and it was not very busy - obviously, if there were more demand for Sardinia-Sicily journeys, Tirrenia would run more frequently and other operators would try to compete. You should note that both Sicily and Sardinia are big islands, and that it will take a few hours to travel the length of either island by road or rail.

wantagig Jun 16th, 2003 07:28 PM

Good to know the difference between first class and deluxe. Thanks for the descriptions too. Found the website for Easy Islands. Unfortunately, because they're so new to the airline business, most of their links don't work. I feel I still have time to book an inter island flight so I'm not too worried.

Believe it or not, there is one flight from Meridiana that goes direct in one hour and 15 minutes. it's the cheap fare that I mentioned earlier. The other flights on that day stop in FCO, but are 488 euro plus taxes for two.

Originally, I wanted to fly out of Alghero and into Palermo, but when that didn't seem possible, I was very willing just to fly from Sardegna to Sicily. Fact is, we have at least 3 weeks to tour both islands, so I was thinking the departure town was not that crucial as we could plan to simply be in that town at least one night before departure.

They are big islands indeed. Originally I was all excited about simply taking a train from one part of Sardegna to the other, and just spending time relaxing on a beach, but the more I read of Sicily on this website, I'm so anxious to see the sights there. In fact I want to rent a car now. I'll be driving, since I drive a stick, and my husband doesn't. I did just get the books on Sardegna that GAC recommended, and plan to crack one of them open tonight.

GAC Jun 17th, 2003 07:25 AM

Wantagig: if you can fly Meridiana nonstop from Olbia to Catania for under 100 Euros per ticket (taxes included), its a good deal and I would take it. If it's much over that amount, I'd be inclined to take the ferry from Cagliari to either Trapani or Palermo. It's a good idea to rent a car on Sardinia, even more so than on Sicily. So many attractions on Sardinia are located in the open countryside. While the bus system is very inexpensive and adequate for cities and towns, and for the areas around Alghero, Olbia and Cagliari, you miss out on many remote sites without a car. You are also not tied to bus schedules. Most of the resorts on Sardinia have ample parking. If you are flying into Cagliari, be sure to look out the window, because the plane flies directly over the historic district of the Capital City, and you get a fantastic view of the Castello District.

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