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Barbara Feb 23rd, 2001 04:50 PM

Buying & Shipping goods home from Paris?
Has anyone ever bought several items in Paris and instead of carting them back on the airplane boxed them up and shipped them home - and do you feel it was worth the price to do so?

StCirq Feb 23rd, 2001 05:45 PM

Not from Paris, but from Brittany, yes, I shipped home a commode-full of antique Quimper-ware.It took 2 days to fill out the forms and get th stuff packed to French specifications and get the Post Office in France to agree to the deal, but it was worth it in retrospect. At the time, it was a HUGE hassle. I was told it would take about 6 weeks for the items to arrive - in fact, they were waiting for me, unscathed, when I arrived back in the USA less than a week after I shipped them.

sally Feb 23rd, 2001 06:40 PM

Shipped some things from Paris two years ago. However, one of my traveling companions works for CNN and so we shipped through the Paris office via UPS. Shipped two days before we left and the package was waiting at my door when I arrived home. So if you have any connections such as this, definately use them. Another alternative was we spoke to our hotel about having a UPS pick up at the hotel and they were willing to accomodate us they said. Then we decided on the CNN office. I also shipped some things from Florence Italy last summer. Did it through the vendor we bought them from. It did take 6 weeks, but everything arrived okay and it was definately better than me carrying it back myself.

Barbara Feb 23rd, 2001 06:50 PM

Thank you! I will seriously consider mail or UPS if I find some really irresitable buys!

ldsant Feb 24th, 2001 03:46 AM

I have had several things shipped (china, crystal). No problems at all. I have also gone to the post office in the various towns and shipped things back myself. I've never had a problem and one time when I did, a quick phone call and the shopowner federal expressed the item to me at no additional cost. If you do mail things via the post office, just ask them to do it where you "register" the package - much like our "return receipt" here.

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