Buying a hair dryer in Italy

Old Sep 6th, 2002, 04:45 AM
Alice Twain
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I think that the problem is that you tried toshop for it too close tothe touristy area. it is alsays better to shop off the touristy area:that is where more or less only the tourists shop and it is far easier to get scammed at such shops.
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I bought a really nice hairdryer last year in Rome at a small appliance store near Campo di Fiore. Less than $15. In previous trips, I brought mine from home with converters and extra plugs and somehow it never seemed to work or it blew a fuse! Buying one there is much easier. As we traveled around Italy to other towns, I did find that the plug on that hairdryer didn't always fit the plug at the places we stayed but the hotel managers usually pulled out a box full of extra plugs that worked fine. Last year, we also bought a fan (our hotel in Lavagna had no AC) which we left behind. And we always end up buying new pillows at our first town and dragging them around with us. It's kinda fun to shop for everyday items.
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Don't u find this increadible - the number of people who answered to such a boring post !!
That is absolutely amazing and what's more amazing is that i am also writing this.....time to go now.....ciao
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This last post must have been from someone who doesn't need a hair dryer to prevent a bad-hair day! I think this is a great question from a new traveler to people who are experienced travelers. I’ve read numerous books on travel in Italy and didn’t read anything on this topic. The only way you can find out this kink of information if from other travelers or figuring it out the hard way as I did.
Old Sep 9th, 2002, 04:33 PM
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Other than the jerk "wow" thank you all for the great information. I think I will just buy one there. Unlike some people my hair looks horrible if I let it air dry and as much as I am not super concerned with how I look on vacatrion I don't want to look and feel gross the whole time.

Thanks again, we leave Friday morning and I am so excited!

Old Sep 9th, 2002, 04:39 PM
Tulle Fog
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Have fun, I hope you find a dryer right when you get there! I didn't, all the shops were closed whenever I went by them. I ended up putting my hair in a braid! You will have fun anyway though, just take the pictures instead of being in them, lol.
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Years ago (after causing power failures in 2 small hotels fooling around with adapters) I bought a wonderful small Braun travel dryer in Heidelberg. It cost about $18. and was the best travel investment I ever made. It's quiet, very powerful and does in 5 minutes what the wimpy wall units do in a half hour. I just wish I could find one like it to use in the US.
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Wish people would use the text search feature - it DOES work for anything more than a couple of weeks old. Found this and lots of others by "hairdryer."
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Just make sure your that your converter supplies enough wattage for your dryer. I took a dual voltage 1800 watt dryer w/me to Italy & found out once i got over there, my converter only worked for up to 1600 watts. The hotel hair dryers were horrible (i could blow air out of my mouth stronger than their dryers could). I ended up buying a Revlon dryer over there for about 13 euros which was much better.
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Be careful if you use your curling iron with an adapter, even if it is duel voltage, end of mine melted off, luckily before I had it to my head. Could have been nasty. I have since bought both in Europe, in small appliance shops.
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Buying a hair dryer in Italy was one of the things my daughter & I remember with pleasure. We were in a small town in Tuscany & asked a clerk in a shop for directions - she spoke no English & our Italian is very rudimentary. After much sign language we finally understood each other & found a fine hair dryer. We went back to let her know we were successful and she gave us directions to a beautiful restaurant for lunch that we would have never found. I used the same dryer in London since then & plan to take it to Ireland this Spring (with adapters).
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