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Barbara5353 May 15th, 2008 05:18 AM

Bus- Innsbruck to Salzburg
I have been torn over which of these 2 towns to use as my "home base" when coming for the Christmas Markets in Nov/Dec. Now I think I will stay 3 nights in Innsbruck area
(probably Igls), and then take the BUS to Salzburg and stay there for 3-4 nights. Can anyone provide information on the bus service between the two cities? I am hoping that these are the kinds of buses where luggage can be stored underneath? (Easier than taking suitcases on train). Can you direct me to a website where I can check one-way fares and schedules?

TimS May 15th, 2008 06:37 AM

Here's quote from a post on the Frommer's board: "Bus service to all Austrian cities is provided by both Postal Buses and Federal Railway Buses. You can take a bus from Salzburg [to Innsbruck], although the train is quicker. For information about various bus routings through Tyrol, call tel. 0512/585155."

From the US dial 011 (US international access code) + 43 (country code for Austria) + 0512/585155. Omit the initial zero. It is only used for calls originating in Austria.

altamiro May 15th, 2008 06:47 AM

>Can anyone provide information on the bus service between the two cities?

For the simple reason that there is a direct and frequent train service between these cities, there are no buses. It would be useless.
While it is surely possible to get from Innsbruck to Salzburg jumping from one local bus to the other I fail to see why anyone would do so.

Whatever Frommers citation; Postal buses ARE the former Federal railway buses. And buses are used for getting where there is no train service, not for competing with trains.

Out of curiosity - why do you insist on a BUS?

Barbara5353 May 15th, 2008 10:21 AM

When I traveled in Great Britain I found it easier to use coach to travel city to city because the luggage could be stored underneath.
On the train a person has to lift the suitcase up and down the stairs. I have an arm injury that makes this difficult. It appears, though, that there is not this kind of long distance bus service available between Innsbruck & Salzburg. I certainly don't want to use local buses where I need to transfer! I will need to re-think this plan.

bob_brown May 15th, 2008 07:15 PM

Just out of idle curiosity, I visited the ÖBB.AT web site after I decided to see exactly what kind of bus schedule you could find between Innsbruck and Salzburg. At first I thought, Naaah, it can't be done. Well it can. Now whether or not it should be done is another matter to consider.

As a result of what I found, I suggest a little more than "rethinking" your somewhat amusing travel plan for several reasons; in fact, I recommend changing your mind.

Why? Well there are several reasons I saw that would alter my thinking.

First, the best travel time I could find is 9 hours and 20 mimutes. (The best train time is 2 hours.)

Second, you will change buses 5 times.

Third, a high percentage of the total time will be spent waiting for the next bus each time you change.

Fourth, those Post Buses are not overly comfortable in my opinion -- at least not after several hours of riding.

Now for the good news. You get to leave Innsbruck before the traffic picks up for the morning rush hour.
Be at the train station ready to ride at 5:35, like in dawn, if you go on a weekday.

Yes the ÖBB.AT web site is a very good place to check schedules. It incorporates both bus and train.
If you want just buses, you will need to drill down to where the different means of transportation are identified and remove the check mark from the icons for the various types of train connections. Like uncheck IC, EC, RB, and other train designations. Just keep the bus icon check. You will not have an opportunity to ride a ship, a street car, or an S-Bahn on this connection anyhow so those don't matter.

There is an English version of the ÖBB site, but I have not used it to see how complete it is. (I just read the German because I know it is complete.)

At any rate, if you decide to take the bus, you should have a chance to see the Austrian byways and enjoy quite a few stops where you can take photographs out of the window.

singfree Oct 2nd, 2008 07:24 AM

For bus schedules, go to Here's a suggestion: Take Austrian regional trains from Innsbruck to Salzburg (via Woergl and Saalfelden). You will be traveling around the horn of Germany, not through it. My wife & I did it in May, and it was a highlight of our trip! Purchase an "Einfach-Raus Ticket", a day ticket which allows up to 5 people traveling together on one ticket using regional trains after 9 am on weekdays, any time on weekends. The ticket is only 28 Euros! These trains go through wonderful areas of the Tirol/ Salzburgerland. The entire trip takes about 4 hours, but it is a great way to relax and enjoy some spectacular scenery (and save a lot of money). Ask at the ticket window at Innsbruck Hbf for details or check it out at

PalenQ Oct 2nd, 2008 07:39 AM

The longer inland train route between Salzburg and Innsbruck via Kitzbuhel and Zell-am-See is infinitely more scenic than that faster and more direct Korridor trains that run thru Germany most of the way

The inland route traverses lovely Alpine valleys most of the way

If worried about luggage buy a first class ticket and you will have empty seats to put your luggage on most likely

or check to see if Austrian railways operate a checked baggage system where you pick up bags in Innsbruck and don't have to deal with them after checking them over in Innsbruck

unfortunately most countries have eliminated checked baggage but i do not know about Austria

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