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BUDAPEST VISIT FROM :10/15 TO 10/19/16
I like to thank many members of the forum for their great trip reports & try Abel suggestion.
We arrived by train from Vienna to Budapest on 10/15/2016.We had rented an apartment in
Old quarters from AIRBNB FOR 4 NIGHTS.Due to unpredictability of weather we requested
Private transfer to the apartment,which was really nice as we saved lot of time.The train station in Budapest is very nice,worth a visit for its architecture.Train arrived around 10:19 & we were able to check into the apartment by 11 A.M.Apartment was really spacious,clean,well equipped, quite,
Walking distance to many attraction.After dropping our bags in the apartment we walked to the central
Market hall.we walked on VACI U.all pedestrian street with many restaurants, fast food chain like Mac Donald, SOUVENIR SHOPS.Central market was busy as it was Saturday & lots of people on the street
As well as shopping I the market.Basement had regular supermarket & ground floor had many shops for fruits,vegetables,cheese,meat & fish.Up stairs had many restaurants.we picked up few groceries
And went back to the apartment ,as we were planning to join walking tour at 2:30 .After quick lunch
We left for Vorsomarty square,starting point for the tour.there were lots of people & each group was 30 started to drizzle & rain ,my DH did not have any rain gear,so we decided to to take the walk.
Returned back to the apartment,picked up our rain coat & walked back on VACI U.TILL to Liberty bridge & walked back towards the apartment walking on the River front.we could see the Gellert hill
,castle,Matthias church,fisherman Bastion. We had 7 PM opera tickets,so took M1 METRO TO OPERA STATION.Very beautiful OPERA HOUSE.CAME BACK HOME around 10 P.M. BY M1 metro & walked back to the apartment.felt very safe walking.
Day ended well,
We had 9:45 appointment to do Parliament left early as we were planning to walk
All the way visiting Danubius fountain in Erzabet ter, visited ST.STEPHANS BASILICA, Szabadsag ter,visiting memorial Site of 1956 revolution,soviet war memorial (ww -2 liberation of Hungary ),also US EMBASSY And Broze full size statue of President Regan.We had chance to see Statue of Imre Negy
O the bronze bridge looking at the parliament building.there was no crowed as we were early.After that Rackozi Ference statue on the horse,two different heroes who fought for freedom of Hungary.we were early so we took a walk & saw the shoes on Danube bank,a memorial site to honor Jewish people who were victim of Facist arrow cross mILITIAMEN , there were candles,flowers near the shoes.the monument is the idea of film director Can Togay & Sclupture Gyula Pauer.,opposite side statue of Gyula Andrassy.close bye you see sitting statue of at great poet Atilla Josef.
We walked back to the visitor's center for the parliament building from where the tour starts.i had pre booked the tickets,there were lots of people for Spanish,English & Italian language tour & each tour group of 30 + people.The building is huge, third largest in world & finished in 1902 after 20 yrs of construction.tour lasts for 45 to 50 minutes.get to climb through beautiful long staircase with ornate ceiling & statues on both sides of walk way.You get to visit several rooms & actual Parliament meeting room with beautiful frescos on the walls & lovely chandelier.the highlight is seeing the Crown Jewels. After the visit we waited outside as Indian Vice President was paying a visit.The front entrance had Red carpet & only used for special occasion & visit of foreign dignitaries.we left without seeing Indian VP as we had 2 PM Walking tour.Just grabbed some French fries from Mac Donald & STARTED WALKING TOUR FROM Deak Ference was 2.5 her walk.we walked on different route than the morning & reached Parliment square,now the plaza was opened to public ( as probably Indian VP LEFT THE BUILDING )
We crossed the chain bridge to reach Buda side,looked at the beautiful garden marking ZERO POINT & STARTING OF THE FUNICULAR.WE decided to walk up from Northen gate the only existing old town gate & visited the Buda castle,history museum With its beautiful courtyard.Palace consisted of May buildings arranged around lion courtyard.there are two museums,national gallery & history museum.An ornamental gate separates the square from former Royal Domain.Right near the gate there is a large bronze statue of Mythical Tural bird of death,a symbol of kingdom of Hungary .castle offers wonderful view of pest.there are several fountains ,
Matthias fountain was not working when we also see Sandor Palace,office of Hungarian President.
We walk by statue of PRINCE EUGENE(he defeated Turks & freed Budapest ),from here you have beautiful view of Pest & see Medieval ruins & fountain of fishing children.continue walking towards Mattihas church & fisherman,s bastion you see TRINITY column,Fisherman Bastion, statue of Independance of war ( to honor the soldiers who died to free Buda from Austrians ), this was the end point of our walking tour.There were only 2 of us on the tour,so we lucked out in getting private walking
tour.we also saw some more ruins near Hilton hotel.we bought the ticket to visit Matthias church.very beautiful church/neon gothic style rebuilt around front of the church is the statue of ST.STEPHANS. We took # 26 bus to return back to the apartment as we had tickets for zeneakademia
Violins concert by Steve Reich.Again took M1 metro , enjoyed looking at the seated statue of Fe Renu LisztI net rigor is richly decorated with Frescos,Stained glass & chandelier.Returned back by 10 P.M.
10/17/16 :MONDAY
VISITED jEWISH quarters,,CARL LUTZ BRONZE WITH ANGEL In memory of of Carl Lutz who saved several thousand Jews from Nazi Prosecutions,passed by Rumbach synagogue & Dohany synagogue.
Also looked at the Jewish cemetery & silver tree for the holocast was not possible to visit the synagogue from inside as following Yam Kanpur it was closed for next few days.We than walked to chapel of Saint Roch,on Rakoczi where we found middle eastern grocery stores & restaurant.Passed by Hungarian national museum with a tank on its ground.went to visit METROPOLITAN ERVIN SZABO LIBRAREY,a sprawling public library with its main building in an ornate 19 the century palace with a beautiful fountain in front.took nice coffee break & then walked to central market & revisited the place.There is a large up niversity building next door to the market.crossed Liberty bridge & saw Gellert Thermal bath & Gellert hill cave church.did not visit from inside.Climed up the citadel through Gellerthegy jubileuni park (great fall colors ) ad reached the Liberty statue.beautiful view of the city.walked down the path through do rented ter with nice statue of sited Q uneven Elizabeth(Sisi)
Passed Vakert Bazar ( it also has event venue where we heard musician practicing for a concert & had some shops ) went up to the funicular & wet up the castle to visit hospital in the Rock.took 3 P.M. English tour.Very informative & interesting tour,showing how it was used during ww -2,Hungarian
Uprise against communist era & nuclear bunker against nuclear threat during Cuba crisis..took # 26 bus back & got of near GRESHAM PALACE ( FOUR SEASON HOTEL ) WALKED ON RIVER PROMANADE to the apartment.had 6 P.M LEGAND BOAT TOUR WITH A DRINK.Weather wa gre at & I was able to stay out & enjoy the lighted monuments of the city,fantastic tour,beautiful vista.would not mind repeating it.
10/18/16 :Tuesday
Got an early start took m1 metro to Szechenyi station & walked up to the bath.spend an hour at the thermal bath..then walked around Vajdahunyad castle & nice park around it.beautiful tiles on the roof
And a Anonymus statue of seated man with covered head.walked up to Heros square & millinum monument depicting the 7 tribes of Magyar who formed current to it is contemporary art museum.visited the TIME WHEEL & MODERN BUILDING OF ING Headquarters.then walked back on Andrassy u. To visit Houseof Terror.BY the time we walked out of the house of terror there was line outside to go in.Museum dedicated to show atrocities of nazi & communist era in Hungary.walked back to the apartment for Lunch & quick rest.
Returned back to Pest side by bus to visit Philosopher's park,again gre at view of the city.there is a statue of MAHTMA GANDHI ALONG WITH JESUS,ABRAHAM,BODHISATWA,LAOTESU,EGYPTIAN GOD FOR & ?.FROM there we walked to SZENT GELLERT MONUMENT,took some pictures.walked back to Philosophers garden & took bus back to Buda side got off on the other side of bridge near inner city parish church.walked on river PROMANADE for the last time as today was last day in Budapest.looked again at Princess statue on the fence & shakspear bronze near Marriott Budapest,passed Vorsomarty square & reached back to the apartment.
10,19,16 : had flight at 7:55 a.m. So left the apartment for the airport around 5:15 A.M
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