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greece Oct 26th, 2006 04:43 AM

Brussels Hotel
We are going to stay in Brussels during Christmas and we found an excellent rate at the SodeHotel, which is located in the suburbs of Brussels. We are wondering if the location is convenient fot the subway and safe. Any comments on the hotel would be appreciated. Our other choices are: Sofitel Toison D'Or, Novotel Grand Place, Renaissance and the Hilton on Blvd. Waterloo.
Thank you in advance.

WallyKringen Oct 26th, 2006 07:47 AM

The question seems to be - do you like being out in the suburbs, or would you like to be in a more interesting area, like near the Grand'Place where an evening stroll through historic streets full of life and bistros and restaurants beats suburban blandness? The hotel is one thing - for sleeping, but you really are going to Brussels for the sake of Brussels, aren't you? There are nice upscale hotels in the inner city, too - but is there a real reason why you are looking at the suburbs?

BTilke Oct 26th, 2006 08:22 AM

Which Sodehotel--Le Woluwe? You're not too far out, in fact you're not that far from the Alma stop on the 2B metro line. If you want to spend your time hanging out in the Woluwes and exploring Stockel (which I like a lot, was there this afternoon), then it's fine. If you want to spend your time exploring more of Brussels or doing day trips to Bruges, etc., then it's too far out (will you have a car?).

I am a big fan of the Sofitel Toison d'Or. It's MUCH nicer than it looks from the street (the hotel proper is really a level above the street). Very pretty public rooms set around a secret garden, VERY comfortable beds, good amenities. I've stayed there a few time and a friend stayed there last week-end and loved it. Very helpful service, excellent breakfast buffet. Near some of the best shopping in Brussels (and in Belgium), an easy walk or tram ride to the Sablon, about a 20 to 30 minute walk to the Grand'Place. Also very convenient if you plan to go to Bruges, Antwerp, Paris, etc. as it's just 3 metro stops from the Gare du can be at the train station in 5 minutes. Reviews for the Sofitel on TA are almost uniformly positive.

The Novotel GP is fine, but as a hotel, it's not in the same class as the Sofitel. Location is great for the GP, but there is so much more to see in Brussels than that.

nessundorma Oct 26th, 2006 09:09 AM

What is the rate? Are you going to Brussels to see Brussels or for some other reason?

During my 3 days in Brussels, I found the subway a drag to use and walking on the cobblestoned streets, especially when rain was falling on me, not very fun at all.

Were I to return to Brussels, I would want to stay very close to Grand Place and the art offerings and the nice areas with all the cafes.

greece Oct 26th, 2006 11:48 AM

Thank you all for your help.The Sodehotel is indeed the one in Woluwe. We won't have a car with us, that's why why are concerned about the location and its safety and convenience, since we are coming in Brussels for tourism. The rate is 60euros with breakfast. Novotel GP costs 85with br., Sofitel TOD 120with br., Renaissance 105with br. and Hilton 175with br. for 2 rooms.

Myer Oct 27th, 2006 08:06 AM

We were in Brussels in mid-June and stayed at the Best Western Carrefour.

A 2 minute walk to the train station, Grand'Place and restaurant row.

The hotel was very nice.

We could see the top of the Grand'Place buildings from our room.

nessundorma Oct 27th, 2006 10:05 AM


At those prices, I'd sooner stay in Ghent (a half hour away) and take the train to Brussels to see the sights!

If you're unwilling to do that, have you done a Google search for "bed and breakfasts Brussels"?

By the way, I consider most of Belgium very safe. When I was there, I stayed in the EU district, quite close to the Schuman station. Getting to the center really wasn't bad, and there are lots of restaurants in the EU area. On the weekends, hotel rates drop dramatically, and they might be down on Christmas too.

But check out B&Bs and Ghent, plus the discount websites like Holiday City, etc.

TimManchester Oct 30th, 2006 12:04 PM

We've just got back from a long weekend in Brussels and I'd recommend Le Plaza hotel. It had great rates - just £55 for Friday and Saturday nights and although Thursday night was more expensive it was still a brilliant deal. Also when you get there you can upgrade for just £10 per night. It's location is perfectly reasonable - we had read on other sites that it wasn't in a greta part of town but this is not the case. So there are a few seedy sex shops on the opposite side of the road but they don't dominate at all and it's just an ordinary street otherwise. Also it's very easily walkable to the Grand Place which is just 10-15 minutes away. The rooms were excellent and the hotel has been recently refurbished so it retains all its old charm but without any of the tatt. Service was excellent too.

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