Bruge: too touristy or great?

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We went to Brussels and Brugges from Paris - it was easy to do. We took an inexpensive bus from Paris to Brussels, overnighted in Brussels, and then took the train to Brugges, where we spent the night. We went in mid-February and it was REALLY cold and absolutely deserted. Really loved Brugges - but the fact that it was off-season, that we were coming from Brussels, and that we could spend the night made a huge difference.
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I would recommend everybody to go to Brugges. It is one of those cities in Europe not to be missed, but it has more interesting and lovely places than just the Markt where all the tourists go. Sta Maria Church area is even nicer and more quiet and you can enjoy walking among those medieval houses and channels. I would suggest you to stay a couple of days in the old town because this city at night has an special charm.
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Elvira is quite right

If it werent a great place it wouldnt be overrun with tourists

Last time we were there was in early March and it was busy

Im sure the same was true for
Paris, Venice Seville. etc etc

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Message from an angry Belgian citizen and a very proud European:
George Bush go home!!!
Maybe you could include Brussels & London on the same daytrip?
We Europeans will never understand
"If this is Tuesday this must be Belgiu"
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We understand that you and some other Europeans don't like us, but you sure love our money.
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Austin :

Bruges is not the same than Paris or Venice. Paris has a huge local population, so it doesn't appear as tourist-crowded (apart around the eiffel tower, of course) than a little town like Bruge or Carcassonne.

However, I do agree there's usually some reason when you find huge crowds of tourists somewhere. In the case of Bruges or similar places, the way to go IMO is to spend an overnight there. There's much less people late in the evening and early in the morning, and it makes a great difference.
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We're headed to our first Brugges stay in about two weeks, so I found this thread most intersting ( and even more so that we're traveling in early march)...But it reminded me of our experience in the Cotswolds...

We stayed at Stow on the Wold; delightful town, delightful B&B, but my oft-dour spouse kept expostulating about "all the tour buses, all the tourists!!"...and didn't even seem to want to notice that we were seeing it in the evening...sans both, and encountering such journey treasures as...hearing country music, and following the sound up the stairs of a 17th century church...into a room, lined with portraits of (mostly beheaded) British aristocracy, while a group of 30-50 y.o. British ladies trounced out the steps to the latest Garth and Reba...

So...I'm confident. that with the right tourist (make that traveler, or
journey=er) outlook, we'll be able to find just as good a memory in Brugges.
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We "Americans" don't get as much vacation time as "you" Europeans do. 2 weeks vacation time for most companies. Therefore, people feel the need (especially if they have saved and this is their first trip to Europe) to go to as many places as they possibly can. It's not that most people desire to travel that way, it's just a fact of life for many. The important thing is that more Americans are now visiting other countries than anytime before.

I don't know though, I've met many Europeans who have only gone to New York, Florida, LA, or San Francisco. Why is that? We have many other places in the US.
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Sobieski does not sound Belgian to me. Maybe he should leave Belgium.
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Mr America - I would like to point out that I do not know anyone who works in the Tourist trade and unlike Americans we Europeans are not driven and motivated solely by money. We have a very high standard of living although maybe not as rich but we don't do "historical" or culturally signicant places. We live them.

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