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david Sep 30th, 2002 04:36 PM

Brooks Hotel, Dublin/Olde Railway Hotel, Westport
I'd appreciate any comments on these two hostelries from anyone with first or second-hand knowledge. The first appears to be highly recommended. I know nothing about the second, and the web says very little. Than ks for anything.

Siobhan Oct 1st, 2002 04:51 AM

David,<BR><BR>Brooks is great. I always forget about it when reccommending hotels as it is smack in the city but hidden on a side street. One of the best locations in Dublin and 2 streets from shopping and restaurants.<BR><BR>My friends and I usually go there for a quiet drink in the bar as its quiet and few would think to go there. Excellent choice.<BR><BR>Cheers

david Oct 1st, 2002 11:18 AM

Hi, Siobhan--and thanks. We're there from Nov 4-8. Look in the bar for the middle-aged Canadians (me with white moustache) with the twang. We'll be pleased to buy a round.<BR><BR>David S

Siobhan Oct 2nd, 2002 07:38 AM

David,<BR><BR>Can I ask you what the rates are for the hotel rooms? Just curious as the location is good.<BR><BR>A few good places to eat nearby:<BR><BR>Wagamama - Across from the Gaiety Theatre. Grat Asian food quite cheap. Food comes out fast and tables are like shared long ppicnic tables but the best asian food in Dublin at the price. No reservations taken<BR><BR>CAfe/Deli/Bar - Thats the name, is on Georges street and great for luynch. Nice pizza, pasta and salads. Its beside the globe pub. No reservations taken<BR><BR>Bang - Merrion street is a bit more expensive but lovely and you need to book (reserve).<BR><BR>Ely - restaurant and wine bar around the corner from Bang on ely street. Very relaxaed and amaxzing wine list and great food. Reservations needed<BR><BR>Italian - Bellissimo on Wicklow Street is run by italians and small but great homemade pasta. Many italians in Dublin eat here. <BR><BR>some places NOT to eat near you - pasta fresca, horrible food and service for the money. Break for the boarder (beside the hotel) - expensive, full of work crowds and food is terrible. Gallaghers Boxty house in Temple bar - tourist trap , expensive and awful. <BR><BR>GReat sandwich place is Munchies down from bellismo on thge corner. most of these places are 5 mins from the hotel. Enjoy

david Oct 2nd, 2002 12:48 PM

Hi again, Siobhan. Brooks'room rates are expensive, but you can get good ones by talking to the hotel directly, either by telephone or e-mail--superior rooms with breakfast are around E200 per night. Standard rooms a bit less (E180). We were going to stay at another place, "No 31" down on Upper Leeson, but were dissuaded by some decidedly unfavorable reports on the net. Thanks much for the restaurant hit list--looks like our mealtimes are taken care of! D'you have any views on Jacob's Ladder, Osteria Antica Ar Vicoletto or other places as well? Thanks again.

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