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Leathea Sep 30th, 2000 01:29 PM

Brits in Tuscany
Where do British citizens vacation in Tuscany? Please be specific.

Nick Oct 2nd, 2000 07:58 PM

Yes, good question. I'd like to know too, so I could avoid the area. <BR>Nick

bjorkk Oct 8th, 2000 08:11 PM

What's the point of being nasty?

Tracy Oct 9th, 2000 12:47 AM

They don't call it 'Chiantishire' for nothing! The chattering classes are really thick on the ground during July & August . . . <BR> <BR>Run away -- run far away! (Or try Umbria.) 8)

Ellie Oct 9th, 2000 04:38 AM

Tracy, you have brought up a phrase I have always wanted explained: "chattering classes." I have come across this before in British usage; can you define this for me?

Tracy Oct 9th, 2000 04:56 AM

Hey again . . . it's obviously crossed The Pond, I've seen it in American journalism too: <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>Privileged, upper-middle to upper class (what the Brits confusingly call 'middle class') people who have nothing better to do while enjoying their stiff evening drink - than discuss the issues of the day. <BR> <BR>HTH! And I'm still interested in knowing where *not* to go . . . here's an article about the Chiantishire set: <BR> <BR>8)

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