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Rebecca Sep 21st, 1999 09:07 AM

Britain, Just Got Back
What a great time in Britain! The crowds were gone for the most part, and the weather was beautiful. Early September is a great time to go. I noted many things close after October 3. Thanks to everyone for your great advice. Using the Underground, city buses and trains was great. The cost of everything hurt big time though, and so it will be awhile before I return, but I will return!

Roger Sep 21st, 1999 12:00 PM

How about an overview of where you went while in England. Did you go out of London or not? Day trips? <BR>

kristi Sep 21st, 1999 01:41 PM

I have to second Rebecca's thoughts on early September as the perfect time to go to London. The weather was fabulous, the crowds were minimal (except around the Oxford Street area), the gardens were in full bloom. It was the most expensive European city I've ever been in for hotels, food and even admission prices but the transportation is a good deal if you get daily tube passes (or weekly ones) and use the cheap day returns for day trips on the train. <BR> <BR>Roger, in case you're interested, we took day trips to Windsor and Hampton Court, both of which I'd highly recommend. Expect to spend a good portion of the day at each. I could spend the whole day at Hampton Court, listening to the tours, lazing about in the gardens, getting lost in the maze. <BR> <BR>In London we visited the markets at Portobello Road, Brick Lane and Petticoat Lane, the Museum of London, the Tower of London, took in a performance of "Julius Caesar" at the Globe, took a Jack the Ripper walk and went to the Ceremony of the Keys.

Diane Sep 21st, 1999 02:10 PM

We will get to London on Oct. 5th. What kind of things are closing on October 3rd?

Elizabeth Sep 21st, 1999 07:06 PM

Rebecca, <BR>Good to hear you had a great time. I was also wondering if you could be more specific as to what closes October 3rd. I researched most the major sites we plan to go to, but they seem to stay open through the end of October or change hours starting October.

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