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Karen Dec 1st, 2000 05:45 PM

Branded Goods cheap in Paris?
I had heard from my dad's friend that Paris sells cheap branded goods, is that true?

xxx Dec 1st, 2000 06:04 PM

I don't know. Tell me who is your dad's friend, and I will see if I can verify that this is where you heard it.

KATHY Dec 1st, 2000 07:15 PM

I don't know if this is true, but I do know that XXX is still a sarcastic jerk!

xxx Dec 1st, 2000 07:25 PM

I "salted" this posting with sarcasm. <BR> <BR>You "peppered" my response with anger. <BR> <BR>I'm glad that makes you feel superior. <BR> <BR>Neither one of us contributed anything to the question, because it is basically un-answerable.

SharonM Dec 1st, 2000 07:33 PM guys should know by now, I ask stupid(?) questions ... <BR> <BR>What the heck are "branded goods"??? <BR> <BR>is that, like, black market or stolen, or something I've missed altogether? <BR> <BR> <BR>just a'wondering...

SharonM Dec 1st, 2000 07:34 PM

...or, take-offs?

xxx Dec 1st, 2000 07:39 PM

I don't think that "branded goods" has any specific meaning. I would think that a Tupperware container and a Gucci jacket are both "branded goods". <BR> <BR>I suppose the term you were going for, Sharon is "knock-offs", when you said "take-offs". Knock-offs are illegally counterfeited goods of inferior quality, intended to ressemble their name brand counterparts. I can't think of any reason to refer to them as "branded goods".

SharonM Dec 1st, 2000 07:56 PM

gotcha, xxx. <BR> <BR>that makes more sense, huh! I couldn't think of the proper <BR> <BR>I remember when I was living in Lisbon, I was wearing (real) italian "Police" sunglasses, and the little cafe guys kept INSISTING I needed to buy a pair!!! (I kept trying to explain...duh...) (really, I have much better stories!) <BR> <BR>Ironically, I just happened to buy this pair of sunglasses before I left for my "year abroad" because I thought I better buy healthy sunglasses for the long haul... I didn't even reallize that "Police" was a chic brand ... <BR> <BR>so...what was my point? <BR> <BR> <BR>

Melissa Dec 1st, 2000 11:44 PM

Karen, I guess it depends what you are looking for...? For instance, Chanel liquid makeup is about $50 in the United States, but is only $27 US in France. I don't know why, but the Chanel lipsticks & nail polishes are the same price in France as they are in the US. anyway, that was just one example....depends what you want.

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