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JulieVikmanis Oct 19th, 2019 08:16 AM

TK, no harm in hi-jacking the post. I was done and I enjoyed the info on Dordogne, etc. Could become a candidate for one more driving trip that we might add to the 2020 schedule.

I enjoyed your ideas for how you might plan trips over the upcoming years. We projected and have reasonably stuck with the following as we age:
--Driving trips with lots of stops to lots of places--mostly in Europe
--Train trips between major destinations with day trips by train as well. (Augmented by an annual driving trip for which our son has consented to accompany and do the driving) Mix in more trips to destinations in the US with some of our own driving.
--Trips focusing on a single destination with exploration limited to sights within the destination and (in Europe) a few day trips by train to nearby areas
--Cruises (something I have always thought of with an "as the curtain closes" sort of mentality) but which we have found we actually can enjoy--especially like Viking with its small ship (especially the river ships), understated elegance and no frou-frou stuff vibe. The river ships often dock within walking distance of town and we opt for independent travel throughout with few exceptions. Not bad at all.

Keep living the dream

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