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Blue Lagoon, Iceland

We will be in Iceland on June 19th and 20th. We get into Iceland around 6:30 a.m. and we are thinking of going to the Blue Lagoon from the airport (check in time at our guesthouse is not until 2:00). What do you think is the best time of the day to go to the Blue Lagoon? Also, the Blue Lagoon does not open until 9:00 so we are looking for suggestions on how to fill the time. Thanks for any information you might have.
Kind of a tricky question because I'm not sure where your guesthouse is, closer to airport (which Blue Lagoon is) or in town. It's a bit of a drive into town from the airport and cabs are quite expensive. Are you renting a car? If not, I think I would take the bus into town, drop off my luggage and go have breakfast and do a little walking around. I would go to the Blue Lagoon later in the day. They also have an evening tour there. A bit of advice, I would take an older bathing suit to wear in the water. The silt can be damaging. Careful with your hair too!! It can be difficult to get the tangles out if you get your whole head wet. It is absolutely an amazing place though. Some people do the tour that stops there before their plane leaves. What a relaxing way to end your trip. You will love Iceland!
Blue Lagoon is great, it's a real unique place but then most things in Iceland are like that.

I agree with Deborah in that it depends on:
- whether you will have a rental car
- where your Guesthouse is situated

Blue Lagoon is near the airport, which means you want to go to Blue Lagoon on your way to Reykjavik or on your way back to the airport. I personally would say the latter is best.

I assume your Guesthouse will let you drop off your bags, even if you can't check in until 2pm?

I don't think it matter what time of day you go to Blue Lagoon - at that time opf year it'll be light for not far short of 24 hours a day!
Debra and Dave: Thanks for the posts. Our guesthouse is in the City Centre and we won't be renting a car. Our flight out is at 7:20 a.m., so going to the Lagoon on the way to the airport doesn't work.

In that case I'm not sure what is best to suggest for you. Are you sure you can't be persuaded to rent a car for your two days? The reason I say this is that it may work out much easier and not all that expensive when you compare it to taxis/tours you may take instead.

If I had 2 days in Iceland and I rented a car in your situation, I would:
- pick up the car at the airport and go for a little drive or grab something to eat while waiting for Blue Lagoon to open
- go to Blue Lagoon for couple of hours, then afterwards drive to Reykjavik dropping your things off at the guesthouse
- have a look round Reykjavik in the afternoon and evening
- on day 2 I would take the car and see the Golden Circle sites (very easy to drive yourself) and spend any remaining time in Reykjavik
- on the day you leave you can drive to the airport for your early flight

What are you planning on doing and how are you planning on getting around?
Dave, thanks for responding again. On Saturday we are planning to go to the Blue Lagoon and walk around the Old Town. On Sunday, I have booked a tour with Stories on the Road to see some villages annd have lunch at a farmhouse. After that, were're off the the Phallogical (sp?) Museum. So as you can see, I really don't need a car. I checked on rates and a small, manual shift car is $290.00 for two days. Therefore, I think we will spend less money using buses and taxis.
I think the best thing then is to go to town, drop off bags and do the tour to the Blue Lagoon. The provide the transport there and back. It is so expensive taking cabs all over the place in Iceland. I didn't have a car when I was there and I was fine.
I'm so happy to see you've booked with Stories on the Road - my family had a wonderful day with Gudrun and Birgir and I'm sure you will enjoy it as well!
Deborah: Thanks for the response. Do you recommend a particular tour company for the tour to Blue Lagoon? Do you know how much the tour costs and how long you are actually at the Lagoon?

Elizabeth: I booked with Stories on the Road because of your trip report. My mother and I read your report and throughly enjoyed it. We're very excited about the tour and meeting Gudren.
Hi Charlie:

I did my tour through Reykjavik Excursions ( I had made reservations through Iceland Air and although they took my reservation over the phone for the tours I wanted, they never sent me vouchers and there was no record when I got to Iceland. I was very upset needless to say. There was a tour desk at my hotel (Radisson Saga) and I rebooked through them (having to pay a higher exchange rate). It's best if you can get the vouchers here in the U.S. paying in Dollars. The exchange rate was no good when I was there a couple of years ago, so it's probably even worse now! As for the tours, the buses were always on time and the drivers were very informative. I would also recommend the Golden Circle or South Shore Adventure tour. Those two tours will really give you a feel for Iceland. Also, make sure you take windbreakers or rain jacket with a hood and dress in layers. It can be cold and windy even in the summer there. Another tip, take your own snacks. It is very expensive in Iceland. If your guesthouse has a breakfast, make sure you fill up every day! Can I help with anything else?
Deborah, thanks for the response. I'm sure that I have other questions, but I can't think of them at this time (I've had the flu and I'm a little out of it). Thanks again.