Beware of Hotel California

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We stayed there a few years ago, and while we loved the hotel, the people are a little strange. When we got there, they told my sister-in-law and her husband that a woman who was in the room they booked had her baby early, and the doctor would not let her leave. They offered them this horrible little room by the laundry room. They refused, and they sent them to the mother-in-law's house another level up the hill.

It was huge and lovely in an old grandmotherly kind of way (the toiletries in the old bathroom were samples from other hotels!), but no air-conditioning at a very hot time and a long walk from the California. The mother-in-law was there and spoke not one word of English and did not seem to know that they were renting out her upstairs! She kept locking them out, and when we called on the phone, she would have to go up the the stairs and call up to them in Italian to come to the phone. My sister-in-law ended up locked in the house one whole afternoon, when we all went separate ways, and the old woman locked her in and left.

It is funny now, but it was no so funny then. We had no other choice but to accept the situation. The town was fully booked, and we didn't want to spend all our time looking for another place. It all worked out, but it never made sense. The people who had their room were next door to us, and there was no baby, and she didn't seem to be incapacitated in any way. Maria and her husband kept apologizing and were very nice and appreciative to us for being "understanding", but the whole thing was very fishy, as in overbooked!!
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I'll chime in here as one more person following this thread (should you choose to e-mail the hotel). I'm interested in seeing whether they do the right thing . . .
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I'm curious to know why you didn't send your bank details and accept the refund. A bank transfer is the usual method for a refund and I guess 50 euros would cover the card charges, taxes and transfer fees - well, with a bit to spare but anyway, something is better than nothing. They should refund your money minus their costs in accepting the deposit and refunding it. Did you propose another method by which they could transmit the money?
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Lee Ann/Elendi Pickle and others - glad to see the Eagles are still popular, or at least remembered!

"A bank transfer is the usual method for a refund"

I'd readily agree to this statement if the method of deposit had also been by bank transfer. But the method of making the reservation was presumably by credit card. Ninety-nine per cent of the time, this is by way of guarantee only - in other words, the CC is not debited at least until the period of cancellation penalty applies, and frequently not until the actual date of the reservation. Sometimes a small charge is made (and one is warned of in advance) for reservations cancelled even in advance of the full cancellation penalty, but this is rarely as much as a night's stay.

Blt01, one option is to contact your bank about how to get the transfer done in a way that would satisfy such security concerns as you have. For example, it might be feasible to open an account just for this purpose. Or the bank might have other ideas for you to consider.

Or as suggested, offer the hotel an alternate method of refund. Let us know how it goes, best of luck!
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I had checked with my bank, and the only way to make it work (other than opening an additional account) would be to give them my account information. I am not comfortable doing that. I sent the hotel an email stating that if he was OK taking my money by CC in Feb, that is how it should be returned. (I am perfectly happy with the 100 amount.) Hopefully more to follow....
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Could have sworn the real Hotel California was in Todos de Santos, an hour north of Cabo San Lucas.
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Hi B,

> I just got their final letter in the mail...they said it had been too long since the original charge so they would not cover it. Any other suggestions from anyone?<

Call Amex and speak to a Customer Service supervisor.

They should not be counting from the day you were charged, but from the day that you learned you would not get a refund.

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