Best way to Phone Home?

Aug 26th, 1998, 07:12 AM
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Best way to Phone Home?

We're going to be in Athens & Mykonos in Sept., and we would like to get advice on the
most economical way to place calls to the states, primarily picking up messages daily 2x. Using AT&T calling card is about 5$-10$
a call!
Aug 26th, 1998, 11:01 AM
Tom Townsend
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I had the same concern. Company just purchased new cell phones for the primary employees. NoKia's from ATT on a Nationwide plan. Basicly a one rate for all calls within the USA. Something like 600 minutes for $90.00 a month.
The cell phone has advanced features such as V/M , Paging, and a neat way to recieve Text messages via the internet.
Now the great part. For no additional fees you can call ATT and have the international calling feature activated.
With this in place you can take your USA cell phone anywhere in europe and recieve and make calls. In my case Italy is only $1.25 per minute, including all long distance charges. The only other thing you have to know, and your ATT operator can provide this, is the USA country calling code from your destination. This is so that you can reach an ATT operator.

Hope this helps.
Aug 26th, 1998, 12:25 PM
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Thanks for the info on the cel phone. I already have a digital phone, which probably has no carrier infrastructure on / from Mykonos.
If anybody has any other advice on rates or methods for calling USA from greece,
please respond to this!
Aug 26th, 1998, 02:45 PM
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While there are obviously several ways to call home, one simple way people usually do not think of is to simply buy the normal telephone card that is necessary to use on almost all European phones in each respective country and dial. You usually get about 10 minutes a card and you can change cards in the middle of a call. The units are always displayed on the phone. I did this in Greece in 1996. I also did used a local phone card this summer in Spain. The card cost about $6 and I talked almost 10 minutes. This is definitly cheaper than ATT or MCI calling cards. Also, it can keep the call shorter which also makes it cheaper.
Aug 26th, 1998, 08:52 PM
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Thanks for advice on the greek phone card. That seems to be the way to go.
The only other route i know of, is to "join" AT&T's "global plan" (.30 minute plus
.89 surcharge), and costs 3$ per month.
Ill take the card over AT&T! Ta!
Sep 25th, 1998, 07:07 PM
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2 late 4 you, but others can call West-East Communications, 1-888-WEST-EAST or 1-718-648-3193
to order calling card with the rate 0.59 c/min from Greece to the US.
Sep 26th, 1998, 04:21 AM
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I wrote a previous response to try to use the local telephone cards for the local pay phones. I reiterate this advice because I just got my phone bill for two calls made from Spain on my MCI calling card to NJ. Two calls that totaled 24 minutes long cost $45!!!!! Had I been able to get a teletarjeta (Spanish phone card), it would have cost me about $15! Unfortunately, I remember that I was unable to find a tobacco stand so I could buy the phone card, a minor inconvenience in this system.
Sep 30th, 1998, 06:10 PM
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I was told by AT&T
Global one point
$3.00 per month
89 cents per day for the day that you use it.
12 cents per minute
Oct 1st, 1998, 09:23 PM
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If you have AT&T TrueChoice Calling Card (with your own home phone number as part of the 8 digit calling card number), you can call their rep. to enroll in one of their plan which allow you to call back to that home phone number for the same rate as calling from US to Int'l countries. I believe you must also pay $3/month and enroll in International One Rate Plan to qualified for that low-fix rate of $.35 per minute.
I can't guarantee that the AT&T rep. will be informative and helpful. They might denial such plan ever exist. It took me several phone calls to get one nice rep. to enroll me into this plan. I have it and still use it.
Good luck.
Oct 2nd, 1998, 05:08 AM
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Hello I agree with the above that the local cards is a simple, unexpensive way to call for the usual traveler.
I have used them everywhere i.e.
Ffrance, Hungry, the Czeck rep., Italy, etc etc. I am pleased to avoid surprise when back home. I also used to pay a lot with my MIT or ATT cards. Good luck

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