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sandy Oct 29th, 2000 11:48 AM

Best time of year to visit
Hi, <BR> Going to London & Paris for about 3 weeks in 2001, considering the weather when would be a good time in the fall-Sept/Oct/Nov. Hope to miss the hot part of the fall. Any suggestions?

Gytha Oct 29th, 2000 12:03 PM

Don't know about Paris but the weather in England is often good around the 2nd/3rd week in September. Later than that it can start to get very rainy but hasn't really been cold over the last few years at that time of year. <BR>Have a great time!

Donna Oct 29th, 2000 02:43 PM

If weather is your top consideration, first choice would be September, rather than October or November. Weather is pleasant and flowers are still in bloom all over with leaves still on the trees.

Litsa Oct 30th, 2000 03:43 AM

In the UK, we don't have a 'hot part of the fall' - we don't even have a hot part of the summer, most years! As I write this, (end of October) it is snowing and blowing a gale, and there was another tornado this morning. <BR> <BR>For a reasonable chance of dry weather, pleasant enough to walk around in, come in September!

Sandy Oct 30th, 2000 08:19 AM

Thanks for the replys--is it true that some places of interest close at the end of Sept? Again appreciate your help.

Kimerley Nov 1st, 2000 01:49 AM

Sandy, I was in London and Paris Sept 1998. Fantastic weather, shirt and jeans usually. I did wear a coat in Paris but it was a beautiful suuny day. <BR>I would go again at that time of year.

elaine Nov 1st, 2000 04:22 AM

some of the tourist attractions change their schedules around October 1 to a fall-winter schedule, but that shouldn't interfere with your sightseeing. <BR>The only sites that wouldn't be at their best in the late fall would be places where the garden is the attraction, like Giverny outside of Paris.

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