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Lara May 10th, 2002 07:41 PM

Best Restaurants in Edinburgh?
We are traveling at the end of August and were wondering if there are any special restaurants we shouldn't miss.

Sheila May 11th, 2002 01:40 AM

The one which, objectively, has the best name is The Atrium. I've never been.<BR><BR>I recently went to Rogue in Morrison Street, which I thought was wonderful- possibly best ever; and I'm a great fan of The Marque and The Marque Central.<BR><BR>For fun, there's Viva Mexico in Morrison Street and one I can't remember the name of at the Charlotte Square end of George Street (its name is a number)<BR><BR>Hope this helps. Have a great trip

JOdy May 11th, 2002 05:03 AM

We especially like Martin"s. 1 block behind princes st I'll see if I can find the exact address for you. wonderful cheese baord! It is a little hard to find but your hotel could help

JOdy May 11th, 2002 05:22 AM

when I looked for their address I found this listing for them on Toptables <BR><BR>

Sheila May 11th, 2002 07:09 AM

I forgot the vegetarian option:-<BR><BR>Black Bo's just off the Mile. Ate there in January; very good.

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