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Best price for 1 week car rental in England??

Best price for 1 week car rental in England??

Sep 18th, 1998, 09:36 PM
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Best price for 1 week car rental in England??

Hi - Just wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a one week car rental in England - which company, costs, etc.. Thanks in advance...
Sep 18th, 1998, 10:39 PM
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A couple of times in the last five years, we were able to book a Hertz car in the USA through British Airways. The car was a stick shift equivalent to a Ford Contour. The rate was $25 a day. We were very pleased with the rate and the car.
Sep 19th, 1998, 11:14 AM
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This week I've been checking on car rentals for four days in November. The best price I found is with Kemwell their number is 1-800-678-0678. Be sure and ask if VAT is included, any drop off charges, the 10% airport tax and the 95 pence per day road tax. If you have credit cards check if one of them covers your liability insurance on cars in England. Ours does and it's a substantial savings. Manual transmission is much less expensive than automatic as well. Good luck

Sep 20th, 1998, 04:26 PM
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We got the best price this summer in the UK from Auto Net, 1800/221-3465.
Sep 21st, 1998, 08:23 PM
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Wow! great prices! We paid considerably more - although I think almost half of it was insurance - something like 3 different kinds. Beware. And be double aware, because your gold card (AMEX, VISA, MC - whatever) may not cover you out of the USA, and your personal coverage may not go with you either.
One other thought - unless you normally drive a stick shift, or unless you have driven in the the UK before, I would suggest using an automatic. There is enough to think about staying to the left, without worrying about where the gears are! We drive sticks here at home all the time, and we were grateful we opted for the automatic, even tho it cost a bit more. The left side driving was more than enough excitement for us!
Sep 28th, 1998, 03:18 PM
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We rented an automatic for one week this summer through Northwest Airlines. It was through Eurocar. The arrangements were all made BEFORE we left.There was no airport dropoff fee because we chose to drop off at Dover and use the train. DO NOT get a stick! Most of us aren't use to one in this country and we sure aren't going to get any better practicing in Britain AND driving on the left! Call before picking up the car, if you can, confirm the type(automatic) and charges before you are at the counter with ten or twenty other frustrated people. Have all your documents in your hand, not in your suitcase. An international Drivers license is not required but it is helpful especially if you are unfortunate enough to get a ticket and the local police request to retain your license. It's legal,cheap and you can keep your state license.
The only problem we had was finding parking in small villages where we felt secure in leaving the car. Have fun!
Sep 28th, 1998, 03:31 PM
wes fowler
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All of the rental companies listed above have websites. You can do your own comparison shopping there. I've used Kemwel and Europcar extensively in the past, finding them to be the least expensive and most accommodating. I second the recommendation to secure an international driver's license. The $10.00 fee and cost of 2 passport photos is well worth the price if the police ask for and retain your license. The American Express Gold Card will provide secondary insurance to card holders driving in England, but not in Ireland.
Sep 28th, 1998, 05:41 PM
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Jill - I returned from England yesterday and rented a car from Auto Europe for
$193 prepay. This included all taxes and fees. I declined the insurance. If interested email me and I will dig out their 800 number and give you other tips concerning Auto Europe. The car by the way was mid size Ford Mondeo which was comfortable for 4 adults and large enough trunk for luggage with a manual shift. Good Luck Tom
Sep 29th, 1998, 01:08 AM
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I cannot help with prices on car rental, but can offer advice on security.
Britain is blighted by car crime. Yobs break into cars for anything they can find, or to steal them for joyriding. NEVER leave ANYTHING on show in your car when you leave it. I would even suggest leaving open your glove compartment just to show that you haven't locked anything away in it. Put EVERYTHING in the boot and try to park in well-lit areas. It might be worth asking the rental firm whether their cars are alarmed or whether they have crook-locks or immobilisers.
I don't want to sound alarmist or to put you off, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Most Brits are lax about car security, leaving clothes scattered in the back which leads would-be thieves to think there are valuables hidden beneath them, and that's why we have high levels of car crime. (I am a statistic!)
Oct 1st, 1998, 09:56 AM
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Just some feedback on Auto Europe. I rented a car using their service in Aug. They were a pleasure to deal with when I made my reservation (they are a large company in Portland, Maine it seems, and usually deal with travel agents, individual travelers). I was responding to an ad offering a free upgrade, and it seems that because I called on a weekend I was also given a 15% discount. I was supposed to get a Renault Cleo or comparable car (automatic, the size of a Toyota Corrola).

When I went to pick up my car in London (not Heathrow) I was told I was getting a Mercedes, but they also raised the price. I held firm and refused to pay more than I'd contracted for with Auto Europe (the rental was with Eurocar). They were nice, but we all got on the phone via the 800 # back to Auto Europe in Portland. After some backing and forthing...Auto Europe offered us a Rover 820i for the price we'd agreed upon...I'd say this was an upgrade of considerable proportion, the nicest car my husband and I had ever drive! So, although I can't remember exactly what I'd paid, I know I got a nice deal in the long run. I'd recommend tracking down the 800 number and checking them out. Drive safely.

PS check the thread on driving in the UK recently posted. I second the recomendation of renting an automatic even if you normally drive a standard. It's a left handed shift, and you'll have enough to worry about just keeping to the left. Why add another problem?
Oct 1st, 1998, 10:44 AM
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Regret I can't recommend an inexpensive car rental firm. Yet, I offer this advice based upon my recent experience -- avoid Hertz. Whilst the vehicle itself was fine and the features and services promised were delivered, the cost seemed astronomical to me. Next time I will rent through another firm.

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