Best places to stay in Paris???

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Best places to stay in Paris???

First trip to Paris (to Europe at all, actually). Planning to go with friends and stay for 5 or 6 days, probably all in the city. Would love a nice, clean but reasonably priced (less than $125 per night at the very most) hotel -- small rooms and small hotel are both fine. Have heard that Marais, Latin Quarter and St. Germaine are among the best places to start looking -- hoping for something in a good area that is fairly walkable and convenient. Thinking September so A/C is likely not an issue at all. Ideas, suggestions???
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Hope, September is still High Season over there, however even in low season you would be hardpressed to find a clean hotel in a decent area for $125 or below. Paris is NOT cheap and you do have to be VERY careful of where you stay. The areas you mentioned are all very nice but also the most desired locations to be. I have been there many times. Take it from me, you will either have to increase your budget per night, save up and go another time or be forewarned about what type of place you will be staying in !!!!!!!! Sorry to bring you such bad news.........
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I don't agree with the last responce at all! There are plenty of budget options in Paris for under $125. This translates into roughly 875FF, and there are plenty of nice doubles in Paris for that. Do a search on this forum for Paris Hotels and you will find plenty of recommendations. Also, I would suggest consulting a budget guidebook such as Let's Go for options. They list places that have been listed here plenty of times (Grande Hotel Leveque, Hotel Champs du Mars, Hotel Jeanne d'Arc, etc.) There are very few places in Paris that aren't safe, contrary to the last view. A good guidebook will spell these out too. Have a good trip to Paris!
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The message from Deborah is wrong. It's that attitude that cause misinterruption of foreign cities. Deborah you need another trip with rosier glasses. Like the above post the Hotel Leveque is great for the lower end cost along with a few others in the Rue Cler area. The area is safe clean and has many decent places to eat.
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Sorry, but I disagree with Deborah as well. There have been MANY, MANY recommendations from people on this site for hotels under $125, and in fact I'll be going to Paris in June staying for 7 nights for under $100/night. I would recommend doing a search on this site, and start to do your research via guidebooks, etc. now, though. For instance, I know that Hotel des Grande Balcons, Hotel Familia, Hotel Champ de Mars, are all popular, well-kept hotels that have been recommended numerous times and are all inexpensive.

Glad that you say small rooms are fine as most hotels in Paris have small rooms and bathrooms unless it's one that caters to business travelers, but hey that may also be an option for you. So not to worry.
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There are many great hotels for under 900FF per night. Check out the following web-site which is organized by arr. and publishes the room rate on-line. They can usually confirm availability within 24 hours and I have never a problem. L'Aiglon in the 14th is one of my favorites as the rooms are quite large.


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Yes, I disagree with Deborah, although it's not really an opinion, it's simply a fact--I guess the opinion is whether there are any decent hotels in that range in a decent area, and there are many such hotels. I re-read your message to make sure what you wanted, thinking you must have wanted two rooms for that price, in which case I would agree, and perhaps Deborah interpreted your post that way? If so, I agree, you could find a hotel room for $60 a double, but it would not be very nice at all. You can get especially good values in the 7th arr, I think; several in that range. There are unsafe areas in Paris, definitely, but if you stick to those areas you've mentioned, you'll be fine. You are looking for a double for $125, aren't you? Sept is one of the busiest months in Paris, it's true, so book as soon as you decide. The best value hotels are small and book up early. You can look at to select by price in those areas, they have most (but not all) popular hotels listed. Jeanne d'Arc and Grand Hotel Balcons and Hotel des Grandes Ecoles are popular budget hotels in your areas as others have suggested. Actually, at that price, you have quite a few to choose from; maybe Jardins du Luxembourg in the Latin Qtr is about that rate, also, a lot of people like it. (I think Grand Hotel Leveque is pretty rock bottom from what I've heard, and isn't the area you want, but some other nicer hotels like Hotel Muguet or Champs de Mars are in that area, also. If you can afford $125 a night, I would not risk staying there). Well, Jeanne d'Arc is pretty basic, also, I think, you can afford nicer if you wish.
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just to clarify, I meant I would not risk staying at the Grand Hotel Leveque if you can afford $125, I would the other two hotels I mentioned in that area.
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Hope - Take a look at the March 2001 National Geographic Traveler Magazine. It has an article listing "22 Great Paris Hotels for $100 or Less".
Regards - Tom
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The abovementioned Hotel des Jardins du Luxembourg is definitely recommended (by me and others on this forum); doubles are about $125, though, not less. Depending how many you are, you might get a triple for a good rate there. Check The photos are accurate.
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I'm planning a trip to Paris in early September with a friend. Made reservations a month ago and can't tell you how many hotels in the 6th we went through until we found availability. Very busy time - trade shows, conventions. We are a little bit above your price range.

Some suggestions. If you are friends and need separate beds, it drives your cost up considerably. The Hotel Le REgent on rue Dauphine has doubles for 750 FF. Just redone, beautiful hotel. The rooms with two beds however are 1150 FF. Quite a difference.

Try Hotel Le Clement on rue Clement in the 6th. About 700 FF per night. I don't think they have a/c, small rooms but right in the heart of St. Germain.

I will thank Wendy for the Quai du Voltaire. Plain and simple but inexpensive with the most beautiful view of Paris from the front facing rooms. And, very inexpensive. It's next to the D'Orsay Museum.

Have a good time.
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Thanks much for responses!! Have gone through and hotelboulevard and Appreciate good advice and will pass any others I get along for the good of the cause Bon Voyage to everyone else as well!!
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I have to disagree with the reccommendation of Hotel Jardins du Luxembourg, I stayed there in July with a friend. We did have a rate of $130. and it was convenient to the metro. On our visit the elevator was broken on more than one occasion and we had to carry our luggage up the metal spiral staircase 4 floors in the rain. We also found one of the desk staff to be incredibly rude. We also had a flood from the room above us and they did not even offer to move us. I am returning in April and in search of a new hotel.
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Where did you find the magazine? I have not been able to find the March edition anywhere. Are any of the hotels regularly mentioned on this site included?
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Meg -- I was considering Quai Voltaire but read several very negative reports on it. Your favorable impression makes me wonder if it has been recently renovated -- maybe some of those early bad reviews are outdated?

Also, I haven't been able to find the March NG Traveller yet either.
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To Lisa:
I have not been able to find the March NG either.

As for the Hotel Quai du Voltaire - I haven't stayed there but it has been recomended by friends and my travel agent. They all emphasize that it is comfortable and clean but not your "dream" of a parisian hotel. It is next to the D'Orsay and the front rooms are supposed to have a wonderful view.

I am going to Paris with a friend in Sept. She has never been there, I have been many times. I personnaly would stay at Quai du Voltaire, but she would like a more charming hotel, and I quite understand. If it's your first time it's very special. My own criteria is safe, clean and well located.

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Try this hotel. Ask for the room facing the street with the small balcony. My wife and I were there in late August of last year. It's two star..but very nice, clean and reasonable.

You can see pictures at

It's a great location..good shops & restaurants..metro and bus.

A friend of ours lived in Paris for 5 years working for American Airlines. She is now single and returns to Paris once or twice a year for work and vacation. This is the hotel she always stays at, and the area of Paris she feels is safe and close to everything.

It's in the sixth arrondisement near Luxembourg Palace (5 or 6 blocks), and only a short distance to the river Seine. My wife and I walked from our hotel to Luxembourg Palace, to Notre Dame and back. Then that evening walked to the Champs Elysees, down to the Arc de Triomphe, then to the Eiffel Tower. We took the metro from there back to our hotel. It was a lot of walking, but I'm 63 and in the early stages of Lou Gehrigs disease. If I can do it, you certainly can. It was fantastic!

Last year was our second time in Paris. The first time was 4 years ago. We had a great time then. Don't miss the Musee D'Orsay (sp) and take a night cruise on the river Seine. It's wonderful. . We celebrated our anniversary and Judy's birthday with dinner cruise and dancing to live music. It was an experience we'll never forget. A violinist playing Ave Maria as the boat slowed beside Notre Dame, the band playing New York, New York as we spun the boat in front of the Statue of Liberty in sight of the Eiffel was magnificent.

Excuse me for going on and on but it was a fantastic trip. Savor each moment, take lots of pictures, keep a journal or notes so you can write one after you get back that will let you relive something very special.

God Bless You and Have a wonderful trip.

Judy and Reg
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Try the Duquense Eiffel Hotel in the 7th. Just got quotes for a double with Eiffel Tower views for 780FF or 925FF for the superior. It has received many good reviews on the Francophile Forum.

Have a great trip!
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Sorry - that is the Duquesne Eiffel Hotel.
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Just want to let you all now about a wonderful apartmnet to stay in in Paris. From 600FF per day (about $86US )- accomodates up to 4. View of Eiffel Tower! In Bastille area and within 2 mins walk of metro. Shops are handy. Just fantastic. Have a look at

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