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Jose Rodrigues Oct 31st, 1999 02:22 PM

Best places in Portugal
I`m planning to visit Portugal in the next year. So, I would like to get tips of best places to see. What`s the best month in the year ?? Rent a car , or not ? From Portugal is easy/possible to visit Spain/Italy and England ? <BR>Any help will be appreciated!!! <BR>Jose Rodrigues - Brazil

BOB THE NAVIGATOR Oct 31st, 1999 07:22 PM

Jose, I like April in Portugal. Yes, you <BR>will need a car. Portugal is really in <BR>4 geographic areas and it would take about 3 weeks to see it all. However, it <BR>makes alot of sense to do Seville and parts of Andalusia as part of a Portugal <BR>itinerary. How long do you have?? It is <BR>a long topic to tell you all of the many <BR>sites to see.

Cheryl Z. Oct 31st, 1999 07:45 PM

<BR>Jose, our favorite part of Portugal was the Estoril coast, just west of Lisbon. I think you'd enjoy that. Yes, you can easily visit the other places you mention depending on the length of time you have, Spain anyway for sure. We rented a car in Madrid and turned it in in Lisbon, and yes, I'd say you should get a car. I wrote about our trip earlier this year and if you do a search for Portugal and Spain, maybe that can help you. <BR>

Monica Richards Nov 1st, 1999 11:43 AM

Jose: <BR> <BR>I took a three week trip to Southern Spain and Portugal which I recommend. You can read about my itinerary, highlights, etc. at Sorry, too much information to put it all here.

Susanna Nov 21st, 1999 12:06 AM

Dear Jose: <BR> We were in Portugal for 2 weeks in October. We mainly traveled by bus, using first Lisbon & then Leiria as home bases. I would strongly urge that you rent a car. The bus schedules were very limited - e.g., it took us 2 1/2 hours to go a short distance from Leiria to Obidos (the bus made 30 stops) & then we had only 1 1/2 hours before the return bus! <BR> Be sure to see Obidos, Sintra (an easy train ride from Lisbon) - especially Pena Palace, & Tomar (fascinating history on the Knights Templar). <BR> Lisbon has a wonderful naval museum (next to Jeronimos monastery) which covers in depth the 15th & 16th centuries Age of Discovery. <BR> We had quite a bit of rain. Nazare was on the dead side because of the lateness of the season - I suspect Sept. would have been a better time to go. <BR>Have a good trip. <BR>Susanna <BR> <BR>

Port Fan Nov 27th, 1999 01:32 PM

hi jose, <BR> <BR> i spent three weeks in four areas in portugal in may 1997...and am returning in may 2000 cause i love it so much. early may is an ideal time to go as we didn't have a drop of rain, just sun, sun, sun...about 81 degrees in sagres. my favorite ride was from evora (from where we stayed) to elvas. you go through great wine country which is borba, evoramonte, the exquisite "castle"/hotel in esretemoz, and finally elvas. bring a car, as it's easy to drive...though the "hairiness" of it is sometimes thrilling. sagres, on the algarve is about the only intriguing part of this area (in my opinion), it is WONDERFUL. if you HAVE to do the algarve, i recommend the hotel oriental in praia da rocha as the best value on the coast...about US$70 per night and worth it! huge rooms, great beach, + views to die for. <BR> <BR>ENJOY, and maybe i'll see ya in may. <BR> <BR>.tur.

Manuela Dec 2nd, 1999 06:15 AM

I live in the Algarve and think the nicest place here is Lagos. Beautiful beaches, good night life and enough space for all the tourists. Avoid Praia de Rocha - it is horrible. <BR>Lissabon is the most charming city I now, really beautiful and interesting. The westcoast between Sagres and Aljezur is impressive and away from the crowds.

Betty Ann Dec 12th, 1999 09:27 AM

We have just returned from Portugal. Because this was not our first trip to the country, we concentrated on one area, the Minho region. We took Bob the Navigator's advice and stayed at the beautiful pousada in Viana do Castelo. Thanks, Bob, we LOVED it! From our room we had a view of the town, the river, the Atlantic AND the magnificent church Sta. Luzia. From there we did day trips to many small towns. Market day is a great time in any town. The countryside is beautiful and the National Park is outstanding. Definitely rent a car. We've never had a problem driving in Portugal (never drive in Lisbon, though!). On two lane roads, pull over when you can to let the locals pass. The food and wine are excellent and very inexpensive. Enjoy!

John Dec 12th, 1999 05:19 PM

Hi, Jose, <BR>We want to add a vote for the Plains region north of the Algarve, the rural area around and between Evora and the Spanish border. Beautiful and unspoilt, great villages, much to see and do. A car is essential, practice driving in Sao Paulo and you'll be fine. <BR> <BR>As for adding Spain, Italy or England, sure, it's easy and possible. How much time and money do you have?

Maria Jan 21st, 2000 01:25 AM

My vote goes to two places: Castelo de Vide (with nearby Marvao), near the Spanish border in central Portugal, and Cascais, along the Estoril Coast. Monsaraz is also beautiful (again, near the Spanish border, in central Portugal, south of Castelo de Vide). I went in May, and had perfect weather. Rent a car, by all means, but be careful: driving can be nerve-wracking there (at least to me). Spain is next door; Italy is a long haul; England will require air or boat travel (check out a map). Have a great time! <BR>

susanne Jan 21st, 2000 04:23 PM

against all advice, we traveled to the algarve in portugal in august. we stayed in Lagos at the Hotel Golfinho and enjoyed it thoroughly. Even though we were the only americans, all english and german tourists, the people were welcoming. many wonderful restaurants in the town of lagos, though parking was a problem. you must have a car. the roads are well marked and we had no problem locating where we wanted to go. Take the trip to Sagres and the end of the world and make your way inland into the mountains. It is easy to cross over into Spain from the algarve. yes the weather was hot, and yes it was crowded but not unbearably so and the people you meet are what makes a trip more fun, so yes do go in the summer if you wish. By the way, the water even in August was 50 degrees- the caribbean its not.

Maria Jan 21st, 2000 04:24 PM

PS. Forgot about the "Chunnel." You could drive to northern France and take that into England. Seems like a long drive to me, though. Good luck. <BR>

Don and Linda Jan 22nd, 2000 05:11 AM

We have two excellent Portugal travelogues posted on our non-commercial web site, <BR>

Suzanne Jan 24th, 2000 06:32 PM

Jose - <BR>My husband and I love Portugal. We spent a few days in Lisbon to take in some sights, but really thought the area called the Estorial Coast - North or Lisbon was beautiful. We enjoyed Sintra and Cascais! <BR>We had a rental car, but kept it parked in Lisbon. It was very easy to drive from Lisbon to the Algarve and then to Spain. <BR>If visiting Spain, I suggest Seville!

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