Best Money Belt

Feb 13th, 2000, 03:01 PM
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Best Money Belt

Okay, as a 2-time traveler to Europe, I have used both a money belt and neckpouch. The neckpouch was annoying... the money belt much nicer. However, the money belt that I used was velcro (making it bulkier at the waist) and kind of small. I want to get a zipper money belt this time, but will need to fit a passport, travelers checks, airplane ticket, Eurail pass and Britrail pass comfortably. Can anyone recommend a brand, style of money belt that is most "comfortable"?

Feb 13th, 2000, 03:42 PM
Bob Brown
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I agree. The neck job is not convenient. But, if your valuables are under your shirt and in the pouch, it would be very hard to get your money without your knowing it. But that strap is a problem.
I would like to know how to do it better myself.
After being fingered buy a pickpocket on the Metro in Paris, I have wondered about the whole set up. At least my billfold, which had virtually nothing in it, was too skinny to be worth the fellow's effort, or so I think. Maybe he was foiled when I twisted sharply when he bumped into me. (The classic distraction; he pretended to be reading the route map over the car door.)
I have also wondered to what extent my zippered pocket slowed him down? I have heard that zippered pockets are not much of a barrier.
Feb 13th, 2000, 05:04 PM
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Eagle Creek's deluxe security belt is the one we use. 2 zippered pockets, adjustable elastic belt and quick release buckle. Has a liner of thin terry cloth next to your skin, about $15.00 at travel stores.
Feb 13th, 2000, 05:41 PM
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I use a 'shoulder-holster'. Hard to find, but I think more convenient.

Some of the 'neck' type have a long enough cord they can be worn across the shoulder like a purse, though I've not found it to work too well.

You can also find 'security pockets' that hang from the belt _inside_ the trouser. Also leg pouches which strap on above the calf.

Eagle Creek has good quality neck and 'belt' types, availabel in many outdoors stores and luggage/travel accessory stores. You'll also find same plus security pocket and calf types at travelsmith (

Feb 14th, 2000, 08:05 AM
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Hi Carrie,

I buy a shoulder-holster, take off the shoulder strap and, using two safety pins, pin it to the inside of my waistband when wearing pants, and to the middle of my slip when wearing a skirt. I always carry my passport, airline tix, credit card and cash in it. (Unfortunately, if you wear tights and long bulky pullovers, this won't work at all. It's fine with pleated slacks.

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