Best guidebooks to Ireland?

Old Oct 16th, 2002, 07:02 AM
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Best guidebooks to Ireland?

I'm going to Ireland in May/June. It's my second trip, but my first was ten years ago. Any guidebook recommendations? We will probably only tour the western part of the country.
Old Oct 16th, 2002, 07:15 AM
herb nolan
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I like Michelin`s Green Guide which is updated frequently.
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2 books - <BR><BR>For identifying what to see:<BR>Eyewitness Travel - Ireland <BR> Great pictures, and details for each region. <BR><BR>For planning routes, and small stops along the way<BR>Frommers - Irelands Best Loved Driving Tours.<BR> I use parts of each tour to make 1 big tour , but I love how it tells you exactly how to get from one stop to the next, and about how long the whole circle should take. I also love this book because it is small enough to take along.
Old Oct 16th, 2002, 07:58 AM
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Your local AAA office should also have two differnet books that are quite good. One is a spiral bound book, a little bigger, and the other is smaller. Both give good advice. Rick Steves Ireland is also good. I agree with the Frommers Great Drive books they are very good as well.
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Thanks for the suggestions!
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Ireland Guide, put out by Bord Failte (Irish Tourist Board) is a very good book. I just got Rick Steves book and from what I can tell, it's very good. The Michelin Green guide is very good, but the organization is a bit iritating in that it is arranged alphbetically instead of by region.<BR><BR>Michele Erdwig's Best Little Guide to Ireland gets rave reviews from it's readers. They are almost rabid about it. I have not gotten it yet, but she has a website ( that she sells it from and answers questions on her message board. It was reviewed (sort of) in Ireland of the Welcomes Magazine. There main statement was similar to mine. She has lots of fans.<BR><BR>Bill
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I can recommend two great, thorough books. Lonely Planet and Let's Go. These aim more to budget conscious travelers, but don't only recommend "cheap" places.
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D. Dillon
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Dear Mare,<BR><BR>I've traveled to Ireland for ten of the past eleven years, and the Rough Guide, a British publication, is by far the most dog-eared of this traveler's extensive array of Erin-related guides. The Rough Guide gets the nod thanks to its comprehensiveness and attention to putting things into historical context. In addition, it's a critical guide, and isn't afraid of trashing popular tourist destinations while also highlighting off-the-beaten-track sites.<BR>By all means get it. There's likely to be an updated version in early '93.<BR><BR>Also recommended is the underrated Footprint Guide to Ireland (now in its second edition) as well as Fodor's Exploring Ireland. <BR><BR>As regards accomodation, don't miss Alistair Sawday's guide to Ireland. It's thorough and very reliable. Also, don't miss the Bridgeston Guide to Ireland (there's one for dining and lodging). Unlike, say, Karen Brown, Bridgestone doesn't take money from innkeepers to appear in its publications.<BR><BR>Lesser Ireland travel guides include Rick Steves' (too skimpy, offering a rather superficial look at Ireland) and the popular, yet woefully overrated Eyewitness Guide. It's very colorful and slick, but very shallow. Indeed , it's the complete opposite of The Rough Guide.<BR><BR>Best of luck and safe journey!
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Thanks so much for all of your help!
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Bill, I have used Michele's book from and found it to be such an easy book to use. I have seen it dissed by someone in another post as being an Ireland for Idiots book. Maybe for someone who has been to Ireland a dozen times it might not be sophisticated enough but simple is just what I needed. The tone is personal and down home and it gives first timers the confidence to get everything planned with ease by following each chapter at a time. I stayed at 7 of the B&Bs in the book and each one was just as described. There is a range of acomodations and we mixed it up to include different kinds. We chose one for the friendly hosts and the rooms were tiny but squeeky clean and the bathrooms were closet sized but we knew that in advance and had the funniest and best time with the owners. He took us on a personal pub crawl just like the book said. What a blast!!! Another we chose for the antiques and setting and it was perfect with large rooms, huge baths and stunning views. Every restaurant in it was very good to excellent. Michele does not list everything to see in Ireland but the places listed are the best of the bunch. We visited a place NOT in her book and found it to be a tourist trap. When I got back I e-mailed Michele to find out why it was not in the book and she replied that she did not think it was worth the price of admission and it was a waste of time to see. She does not list it and take up space in her book if it's no good. There are hundreds of books about Ireland geared for every type of taste and travel. I am sure that not every book would be right every person. I am happy I found the one that was just right for me.
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Minas Travel Report!
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I bought Portrait of Ireland and it is a great guide book. The only problem is it is too BIG! It weighs a ton.
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I have Protrait of Ireland also and it is on my coffee table where it belongs. You are right. Just too big to take but lovely photos etc. You could photocopy the pages you want and take them with you.
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