Best Airline to London

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Best Airline to London

For my trip to Europe, I plan to fly in and out of London. Just wondering which airline you would consider to offer the best flying experience for economy coach? Would British Airways or Virgin Atlantic be a better choice than US domestic carriers? What about other international carriers?
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There isn't that much difference in the actual flights. BA is the one that weighs carry-on luggage which can be annoying. I've flown Delta which is usually on time, plus they have new contracts with their unions & you shouldn't have to worry about a strike.
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For my money, the best transatlantic service is Continental's BusinessFirst cabin - they really know how to make the trip enjoyable.
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British Airways flys into Heathrow and Virgin flys into Gatwick. Is price a factor for you? I don't know where you are flying from, however, I can give you an example from Boston. BA has 4 flights a day to London and Virgin has 1. If Virgin has a problem with its plane, the flight is cancelled for the day. If BA has a problem with a plane, and I am leaving earlier in the day, I can get on the next BA Flight. From JFK, BA has 10 flights a day, and Virgin has 2.

I think you need to check the schedules. Virgin is a younger, hip airline, and BA more established. I fly BA to London, but for personal reasons. However, if Virgin had a much better price than BA, I would buy a Virgin ticket.

By the way, I have heard wonderful things about flying Virgin. But BA has great amenities too (to compete with Virgin).
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I think it depends on where you are flying from. Virgin from Boston does flies into Gatwick, but from JFK and other airports in the US the flights go into Heathrow. If London is your final destination, it shouldn't matter which airport you fly into. I personally prefer American from NYC, quite a few flights every day (so plenty of seats and often at great prices) and their coach seating really has been expanded to provide more leg room than I've seen on other carriers. As FlyByNight says, I do ususally upgrade to business, but this is not always an option and as you did ask about coach--most major carriers are doable without any great discomfort.
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John G
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I don't know about Boston, but Virgin Atlantic does fly into Heathrow from JFK. I would take VA over Brit Air anytime. The food on BA is crap. And I think their air hostesses are snotty. The last time I flew VA, Ivana Trump was on my plane. She was a hoot. You should have seen her screaming at the skycaps to get her Louis Vuitton PRONTO!!! JG
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Thank you all who responded to my posts. I will be going to Europe next June and I hope by then, things will have calmed down and not escalated.

I was looking for the best price, but also the best quality. I remember flying Quantas to Australia and they did a very good job making a 15-16 hour flight bearable.
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Air New Zealand does fly into London from several USA departure cities
you get better food, more leg room, business class seats in Economy and an airlines with ZERO fatalities!

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