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Louiseee Jun 13th, 2004 12:18 PM

Berlin vs. London tipping and theatre dress--advice please
I am traveling to London and then to Berlin. I have read a number of the posts on this and other sites and believe that the consensus seems to be to tip only minimally in London restaurants (i.e. I consider 10% minimal) and also not to really dress up for the theatre. Please advise if I have understood that incorrectly. What about Berlin -- what kinds of tipping is expected/norm there? and if I have tickets to the opera in Berlin should I dress up? (At home I would wear a cocktail type dress or pants suit to the opera so that is what I mean by dress up.)
Thanks for any help you can offer. I've already learned a lot from reading many other posts.

allanc Jun 13th, 2004 06:52 PM

We say two plays last time we were there-Man in Black (great) and Mama Mia (not so great). You do not have to dress up. We had spent the day sighseeing and just decided at the last minute to take in a play. Most people were dressed in casual clothes-saw very few suits and dresses. Now,,it may be different on the weekend. We went on weekdays and used the half price booth for tickets. At both shows we moved down to better seats during intermission.

chtiet Jun 14th, 2004 07:26 AM

Same with tipping in Berlin - only minimal. At a cafe, etc. I would round up to the next euro; at a restaurant, you could leave 2-3 euros, and at a nice fancy place 5-6 euros will do the trick. If the service was truly extraordinary then you can leave more, but the odds of that are small.

As for dress to the opera - there is everything. Berlin tends to be even less formal than London, since the city long was a refuge for alternative thinking, and in the east is still heavily communist. That said, however, at the opera there will be the wealthy dressed impeccably for the occasion, along with the student in ripped jeans and sneakers. So it's totally up to you.

Louiseee Jun 17th, 2004 03:26 AM

Thanks so much for your replies! I leave in 5 days.

TopMan Jun 17th, 2004 06:20 AM

Tip as you feel the service renders deserves and NOT based on anyone else's recommendqations, rules, customs, etc. You know what to do already. Nobody is going to think you are stupid because you supposedly "over tipped" (by whose standards anyway?)..what they will think you are is a generous person who appreciates good service and rewards it accordingly.

At the theatre you will see the entire gamut of dress. In my experience the only diference between London and Berlin was the lack of pretense and at least overt preoccupation with class distinction and failed empires in the latter.

Have a great trip.

european17 Jun 17th, 2004 06:52 AM

Tipping in Europe is only for above averege service. If you do not receive great, extraordinary service, just round up the sum, the total bill, you should be just fine.

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