Beaufort Hotel London

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Beaufort Hotel London

Higly recommended by Fodor site. Room cost 230 pounds sterling a night. It's a dump! Room was in the basement, broken down chair and table and a bed which needed replacing. No fax or direct dial service in room as presented on website. Switchboard closes at 11:00 p.m. Asked at the reception/office for a pot of coffee. Manager called to the kitchen and said "room one would like a pot of coffee, of course when you have time" After one hour coffee had not arrived and I had to call back and complain. Filled with overly solicitious women who don't appear to be in control of the establishment. Property on each side abandoned and porch landing filled with stacks of trash. Highly misrepresented by website and Fodor's GUide.
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The Beaufort
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Dear Fodors,

We recently had a guest come to stay who brought us a copy of the above. As you can imagine we were extremely unhappy to find this. Fortunately, the guest who brought it promised to write to you telling you how much they had enjoyed their stay!
All the girls here were devasted to read the letter that is clearly available on your site for all to read. We have heard nothing from Mr Love at all and all our memories of his stay were that he was a delightful guest who really enjoyed The Beaufort. He did not have any complaints and appeared happy and relaxed during his stay. We have all the details of his booking which was complicated due to his re-arrangements.
In terms of accuracy I should point out a few areas that are factually incorrect - irrespective of his opinions. The properties either side of us are most definitely NOT abandoned - they are extremely expensive flats to one side, and to the other, well that's us.
He says there was no fax or direct dial in. There was a fax available, - we only put faxes in our most expensive rooms at present but are currently putting them into every room, and we most certainly DO have direct dial in telephones. His complaint about the room faciliites are totally incorrect. We have two extremely comfortable armchairs, not one broken chair and table; and the bed was brand new in May. The mattresses are exclusively made for hotels, and I have stayed in the same room and found the bed very comfortable.
Whilst I feel it is a shame about his coffee not arriving - I certainly will apologise to him for that - sadly these things do happen occasionally.
There is no secret that our switchboard closes at 11 pm - we tell all our guests and also remind them that the bar remains open, and totally free for 24 hours, and is fully stocked for guests to help themselves.

I feel that his letter, apart from containing some completely untrue statements, is by no means representative of his visit. The girls who work here are all extremely attentive to our guests needs, and are most definitely in charge. They all take offence at being described as being "over solicitous." I can only assume the word translates somewhat differently in the US - here it is highly insulting and bordering on libellous.
I would be grateful if you would remove this letter from your website, as our current guest who showed it to us (she is from the US) is rather taken aback to be confronted by this sort of warning.
I will call your office later this week in the hope of speaking to someone about this matter. In the meantime we will be writing to Mr Love to try and establish why a guest who appeared to be very happy and indeed enjoying his stay tremendously should decide to write in this manner.

Yours sincerely,

Diana Wallis (Lady Wilmot)
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Neal Sanders
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When I first saw Richard's message appear on this site a month ago, I emailed him to inquire if he had stayed at a different Beaufort Hotel. It certainly didn't appear to be the same one at which my wife and I spent five quite lovely days in November 1996.

The Beaufort is a very gracious hotel that caters to individual tastes, and my enduring memory of our stay was the staff's willingness to go out of their way to do nice things for us.

A few examples: we arrived from our overnight flight at 9:00 a.m. (long before the hotel's 3 p.m. check-in time), yet we were given a room where we could "freshen up" after our trip. When we awakened from that nap, there was tea and biscuits awaiting us.

I mentioned one evening that it would be fun to compare the Knightsbridge of "AbFab" to the one where we were now staying. The next afternoon, we returned to our room to find a videotape with a selection of "AbFab" episodes.

There were other small kindnesses, but you get the point. I cannot recommend the hotel highly enough to those visiting London, and who seek a quiet respite from the traffic and noise.
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I was also quite surprised reading the first message, as my husband and I (+ guests) enjoyed the Beaufort hotel. I would recommend the place in terms of location, comfort, kindness and atmosphere. Additional point : noise was definitely not a concern during our stay (compared with some other London hotels!).
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I, too, will agree with the positive views on the Beaufort Hotel. My husband and I stayed there for 6 nights, and would highly recommend it to anyone. The comfort and central location of the hotel, plus all the kindness shown to us (it was our first visit to London and all the staff were very helpful with suggestions) made it a memorable trip. I sincerely hope that all Fodor's readers will not be swayed by the initial post, and will take into account that the Beaufort Hotel is highly recommended by Fodor's, as well as other readers who responded to this thread.
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Sheila Andersen
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My husband and I stayed in this hotel while visiting London. After reading about it on the Beaufort web page we were very excited about arriving there.
We were both disappointed. The room was tiny, very expensive, the air conditioner had black stuff blowing out of it and the bathroom floor was sticky.
To top it off all my jewelry was stolen.
The police in London brushed us off and back home in Houston we were told there was no way to prove anything. We stayed in 4 different countries on our trip, all the other rooms were great!
I have to say the Beaufort was the only disappointment.

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