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Stanton Smith Jan 22nd, 2002 04:10 PM

Bayern Ticket
Does anyone know anything about these. Are these the tickets that travel in Barvaria? Very Interested. <BR> Stanton Smith age 14<BR><BR>

Russ Jan 22nd, 2002 04:53 PM

A Bayern Ticket will get you and 4 others traveling with you unlimited travel for one weekday (after 9 a.m.) on the local trains (these are noted with the acronyms RE, RB, SE, and S, usually) throughout Bavaria. It costs 21 Euro. It's a great deal, of course - great for day trips, especially, but not so great if you're trying to travel really long distances, like all the way across Bavaria, as the local trains make more frequent stops and would require several changes of train. You can buy the tickets at any station in Bavaria (in ticket machines for the day of travel only.) On weekends, the "Sch&ouml;nes Wochenende" ticket does the same thing for the same price, but it's good for the whole country and you can travel at any hour.

Stanton Jan 22nd, 2002 05:10 PM

What do you reccomend then for cheap Travel in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland?

wes fowler Jan 22nd, 2002 06:26 PM

Stanton,<BR>I gather there are four of you traveling. If so, consider an automobile for a couple of reasons. You can seek accommodations outside of large cities and save considerably on room costs; you can travel when you want and not when train schedules dictate; you can visit sights that are difficult or impossible to get to via train.

Russ Jan 22nd, 2002 08:06 PM

<BR>Stanton: I'm not so familiar with special offers in Austria and Switzerland. I do know that in Austria, small groups travelling more than 100 km round trip can get some discounts with the "Plus One" plan; the first person pays full price, and the rest pay 50% of the regular price. <BR><BR>Wes' comment about saving on hotels in smaller towns is true, but you can stay in smaller towns if you travel by train, too. Just make sure your hotel or pension is fairly close to the station. Here's a link to a map of Bavaria's train system:<BR><BR>As you can see, you have hundreds of choices that include plenty of small towns - plenty to see for a short trip. Do some research to figure out which places you want to visit, then pick 1-3 small towns that are conveniently located and do short daytrips from your base. <BR><BR>Fortunately, German trains are very frequent and dependable and won't inconvenience your travel plans tremendously. My family has traveled quite a bit both by car and by train, and we always enjoy the train more, but I suppose some would prefer to drive.

Jochen Jan 23rd, 2002 03:36 AM

<BR><BR>Stanton,<BR><BR>the following website has a lot of information about cheap train tickets in Germany:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Regards, Jochen

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