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pennycharlotte Oct 22nd, 2006 01:36 PM

Bavaria/Tirol itinerary questions
Posting my itinerary in "Austria" too since my questions are for during the days of our trip in the Tirol area.

Here is the updated version (we leave this Friday!!), most of which is set except for the driving days in Bavaria and Tirol regions, which I'm still playing with.

10/28 arrive Muenster (Hotel Feldmann)

10/29 Muenster (family party)

10/30 DBA flight to Munich (Hotel

10/31 Munich

10/31 Munich

11/1 Munich

11/2 Munich (possibly go for daytrip to Salzburg)

11/3 Rent car; I think we are staying in Telfs (in Austria, near Seefeld, west of Innsbruck) at the Interalpen, but have not been confirmed yet (fingers crossed, big time!)
QUESTION: What is the best way (most scenic, not necessarily fastest) to drive from Munich to Seefeld area-- was thinking about the route throuh Walchensee, as Treplow suggested above, but then got it in my head perhaps going Kufstein,Hall in Tirol, Telfs might be more scenic.

11/4 more touring of area (Oberammergau, Ettal, Linderhof, Wieskirche)

11/5 drive from Telfs to G-P (Hotel Zugspitze); see castles, Fussen
QUESTION: doe this hotel move make sense? We fly out of Munich around 3:00 p.m. on the 6th-- should we go somewhere closer than G-P for this night? Is G-P worth an overnight? Should we stay in Telfs and make the drive to Munich from there the next day? Not sure of timing or the roads.

11/6 DBA flight to Berlin (Dorint Sofitel in Gendermarkt)

11/7 Berlin
11/8 Berlin
11/9 Berlin
11/10 Berlin
11/11 Home to Miami Beach!

As always, thanks a bunch!!


treplow Oct 22nd, 2006 04:59 PM

Your Munich - Seefeld routing question:
I still would vote for the Walchensee over the Kufstein route. The latter is longer and you then should probably trvel on the Autobahn A-12, because the road paralelling the Autobahn is slow going.

Another option: Munich- Salzburg Autobahn (A-8) as far as Holzkirchen. South from Holzirchen to the Tegernsee (on the B-318/B316) as far as Rottach-Egern, a nice lakeside Bavarian town. Then the German B-307/ Austrian B-181 to Jenbach, passing the Achensee along the way. At Achensee, perhaps a short detour to Pertisau (for lunch, if anything is open in November).

From Jenbach on the Austrian A-12 to Zirl or Telfs exit, and then north to Seefeld or going to Telfs.

This route has the advantage over the full Kufstein route that it picks up the pretty part of the A-12, without the detour all the way to Kufstein, and you still get the Zirl - Seefeld or Telfs route.

For the Austrian Autobahn (either the Kufstein or the my suggested Tegernsee route) you need a user's decal, available at any gas station before, or at the border.

As to your second question: Why not move to G-P on the 13th and spend 2 nights there?

Although it will still make for a bit of a long day, you could include Neuschwanbstein on your loop on Nov.14, if you are happy just seeing the outside of the castle. The routing would then be: Telfs, Ettal, Linderhof, Oberammergau, Wieskirche, Fuessen (Neuschwanstein), Garmisch via Leermoos.

You the could spend the 5th in Garmisch, or just "pop over" to Linderhof that day, skipping stops at Ettal and Linderhof on the 14th.

On the 6th you then would have clear sailing on mostly Autobahn (A-95) to the Munich by-pass (A-99)and on to the airport.

I'm not sure if I have given you my own personal view of Neuschwanstein: I think it is more impressive from the outside than the inside. Afterall, it was built in the latter part of the 19th century and never was a real "working: castle. I like Linderhof much more, it's more in its style.

Completely as an aside: Last month I was in Prtugal, and we took a day trip to Sintra. There we visited the castle. It was built by Prince Ferdinand of Sachsen Coburg, consort to Maria of Portugal, as his "toy" in 1849, by a German architect. Ferdinand was a cousin of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. While visiting in Sintra, Ludwig got the idea that he must have his own "toy". Thus, Neuschwanstein. There is some similiarity in style. But there was one major difference Ferdinand paid for it with his own money; Ludwig nearly bancrupted the Bavarian state.

No matter where or how you go, enjoy your visit in the area where I grew up.

All this was told to us by our driver; haven't taken the time to verify it myself, but it makes a good story.

pennycharlotte Oct 23rd, 2006 11:11 AM

that IS a great story! Thanks again for all of your helpful advice!!

pennycharlotte Oct 23rd, 2006 05:19 PM

I like the new suggested route-- do you think that is superior, as far as scenery, to the Walchensee route you previously described (in the Germany forum I realized after posted last night!) ONe of the draws to Kufstein were the positive remarks on this and tripadvisor sites and, this may sound silly but we love wine, the Reidel glass-blowing factory, but I suppose the traffic and detour is not worth it.

RufusTFirefly Oct 23rd, 2006 06:38 PM

It just goes to show why they make so many different color neckties. We find Neuschwanstein more interesting than Ludwig's other castles and palaces.

Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee are certainly pretty and definitely worth visiting, but Neuschwanstein is truly unique. A real figment of a feverished mind's imagination. The 15 or so completed rooms in Neuschwanstein have some that verge on the bizarre in terms of their conception, and you will also fine some of the finest 19th century craftsmanship anywhere in that part of Europe.

Plus the whole interrelationship among Ludwig's unusual world view, Wagnerian musical mythology, and the ancient Germanic conception of creation and the gods--all against the background of the wretched excesses of Europe's crumbling monarchial system. Summed up in that strange, mad, beautiful creation sitting up on its little fairytale mountain.

treplow Oct 23rd, 2006 07:26 PM

In restrospect, the new route probably is a bit more scenic, because you will see much of the latter part of the Walchensee route anyhow as you come up from Telfs to Garmisch. And the Tegernsee is really very scenic,as is the Achensee. In fact, if you have the extra time, at Jenbach you may drive a bit further south in to the Stubaital and then turn around back to Jenbach and on west to Telfs.. It also is quite scenic.

Now, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you will have nice weather. Unlike here in Colorado Springs (where we have had our first snow) my reports from Bavaria are that so far the weather has been good and relatively warm.
Neuschwanstein vs. Linderhof vs. time constraints really is a matter of "Geschmacksache" (matter of taste)n something you just have to decide and play by ear.

pef1234 Oct 24th, 2006 07:03 AM


Another thought on the routing to the Interalpen. We stay frequently at the nearby
at Mösern and have driven the road between Seefeld and Telfts dozens of times. If you approach the Interalpen from Telfts it is all uphill and you will have to look over your shoulder constantly if you want to enjoy the scenery. If you appoach from Seefeld, by getting off the A12 at Zirl, it is relatively flat between Seefeld and Mösern. Starting at Mösern the panorama in front of you is one of the most spectacular in the Alps. The private road to the Interalpen is not far from Mösern and is well marked.

I assure yoy that this approach to the Interalpen is by far the most pleasant from both the scenic and driving standpoints.

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