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Andre Nudel Jan 3rd, 1998 10:54 AM

Bathrooms in Paris hotels
I was looking for hotel in Paris and I found some descriptions of hotels that have room whith bath and room with shower. Does it mean that shower and no bath ? Is there any difference in prices? I 'd appreciate any help as soon as possible

Richard Jan 3rd, 1998 12:15 PM

Usually, what you read is what you get, if it says shower you get a shower (only), if it says bath you get a tub. Personally I prefer the shower but my wife enjoys those deep bathtubs.

As for price the difference is mainly in the size of the room, those with a bath tend to be larger and so a little more expensive.

You might also consider a room with the WC down the hall, you will have a sink and bidet in the room. My wife and I (American and 50 & 60 respectively) have no problem with this arrangement.

Christina Jan 5th, 1998 12:28 PM

yes, you get either a bathtub OR a shower stall,
although a tub should have a hand-held shower
sprayer (all the rooms I've stayed in with tubs
have had a shower device). Rooms with full tubs
are invariably more expensive and more likely to
be the original bathroom. Many hotels are putting
in pre-fab, extremely small bathrooms in hotels
nowadays which is why so many will only have a
shower -- these bathrooms are usually slightly
larger than one in an airplane, in cheaper hotels.
If you can afford it, a room with a bathtub rather
than just shower will probably be nicer, and
perhaps in more ways than simply the small bathroom.

Donna Jan 15th, 1998 12:09 AM

Bathrooms in Europe are certainly a mystery! A room with a shower generally means a teeny, tiny cubicle where it is absolutely impossible to shave your legs and there is no place to park any of your toiletries or hang your towel. On the other hand, a "bath" may or may not include a shower, and will probably have hand-held apparatus, and, for some reason, no shower curtain. Go figure! One thing you can be absolutely sure of is that the price of the room will vary accordingly, if you can even figure out the fixtures you can expect when you book! Regardless, you are sure to be surprised in one way or another after you've check in. Then, there's the water pressure and "water-saving" fixtures dilemna. My advice is to just ask (by fax or e-mail) for specifics as best you can ascertain (the definitions and translations vary widely) regarding the fixtures that are REALLY important and necessary to you prior to actually booking a room. There are hotels with "American" style bathrooms, and if this is essential to you, you should shop for accomodations accordingly. Hotels which "attract American businessmen" would be most suitable, but definitely lacking in charm and appeal otherwise. To make matters worse, your American blowdryer and curling iron will be totally useless - even with one of those "converters" as they just do not work very well at all. If styling your hair every morning is important to you, book a room with a blowdryer and take along one of the many available Conair "Eurostyle" curling (irons and brushes) or butane models available. Be sure to practice at home. Your best bet is to seek information on the various travel boards from people who have first hand experience with your selected hotel - although they will probably lambaste you for being so "fussy". Good luck!

Joel Jan 23rd, 1998 09:23 AM

I lived there for a few years and travel there on business from time to time still. If it says shower, then it's just a shower. If it says bath, then 95%25 of the time it has also a spray nozzle on a hose that you can use to rinse with, but it's still a bath tub with no stand-up capability. If it's a new hotel, particularly with one of the chains such as Sofitel, Novotel, Mercure, Frantour,, then you get the same thing you see in the states. I think you can pretty much take that to the bank.

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