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Pete Jun 5th, 2000 07:30 AM

Bagpipes/scotch or pasta and red wine? Help,we need a decision for a last minute trip for the end of next week!!!!!!
Help-I just got my vacation FINALLY switched(it starts next week on June 15th) and am in a quandary about whether our family should go to Rome(yes,we can get hotel accomodations) or go to Scotland and rent car and tour.Basics-family of four(two teenagers);have been to northern Italy(Florence,Venice,Pisa and Sienna last year) and went to England when kids were younger);was concerned about heat and crowds in Rome area? family likes history,outdoors,etc. Trip would be for about a week or ten days. Any help would be most appreciated? Any ideas on what airlines connect between London(Gatwick) and Edinburgh or Glasgow? I cannot seem to figure out way to find out on internet. Thanks,Pete

Cathy Jun 5th, 2000 07:35 AM

Pete, <BR>Check out - cheap no frills etc <BR> <BR>Cathy

Pete Jun 5th, 2000 08:01 AM

Cathy-thanks for the Ryanair tip. Unfortunately,they leave out of London's Stanstead airport and we would be arriving at London's Gatwick.I think that we would really like to hit Scotland if we can get the connections.We would rather fly into Scotland and save the time and money for gas that we would use for driving up there. Rental car favorites for that area? Italy just seems like it would be too hot and crowded particularly this year.Any thoughts? Thanks,Pete

jason Jun 5th, 2000 08:14 AM

Pete, <BR> <BR>Take the train from London to Edinburgh. Only 4 hours and not too expensive, especially with kids/discount. The train is very relaxing and incredibly scenic. It leaves out of Kings Cross Station in London. Buy your tickets in the UK, they are much cheaper. <BR>If you do want to fly, British Midlands or BA out of Gatwick are probably your best bets. I am actually going to the UK around the same time as you. I lived in London some time ago and know the ropes somewhat. Have a wonderful time in Scotland, it is fanatastic.

Sheila Jun 5th, 2000 11:24 AM

That is an impossible choice to make... <BR> <BR>Rome is terrififc. Had a long weekend there a couple of years ago. But a fortnight? with teenagers? <BR> <BR>Got back from Italy (north Tuscany) yesterday. I was 33 degrees when we left and 9 when we got home. <BR> <BR>Check out these sites <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>and yahoo's regional weather site for Scotland. <BR> <BR>Depending who you are flying with you may get a cheap connection with a mainstream carrier (we did through Gatwick to Milan). <BR> <BR>Feel free to revert for maore information if I can help more about Scotland.

Thyra Jun 5th, 2000 11:33 AM

This is just my opinion, but if I were you, I would opt for Scotland with two teens. Though both places are wonderful. I would think it would be easier to navigate in Scotland and when I was last in Scotland, there was a thriving teen scene and more outdoor/other types of activities that were not just museums and sightseeing. But you know your family best and if they love great artwork then Rome would be best. Also, and I may be wrong about this but I believe British Midlands connects to Scotland, we flew them last year and were satisfied with their performance. Have a nice trip

Pete Jun 5th, 2000 03:19 PM

I appreciate the tips on the various websites for the low cost airlines but they all seem to leave out of London's Stanstad airport and I am coming in at Gatwick. Anyone know how far the two airports are apart;how long to change and how much to transfer? I am ready to have a scotch just trying to figure this out! Pete

Nissa Jun 5th, 2000 04:32 PM

Have you looked at ? I got it from the Useful Links page of the Ryan Air Web Site. There ought to be information on travel between airports there, I think. I'm sure it is doable with enough time. I'm using to get some information on how long it takes to drive from here to there in the U.K. We plan to drive North from Edinburgh toward Aberdeen and visit the following castles: Glamis, Crathes, Fraser and Craigievar. The Burrel Collection (musuem) in Glasgow is on our list too. We plan on using Auto Europe ( for our car rental. We checked with our insurance company and were assured we are covered, so we'll choose a basic rate. Have a great trip.

misbitts Jun 5th, 2000 05:12 PM

Wow, tough choice but I'd opt for Scotland, especially with teenagers. If they're into history, bloody battles, etc. the "Braveheart Tour" of Stirling Castle, Glencoe, the Highlands, Culloden is fascinating. And the hiking, fishing and scenary is terrific as well. I agree, if you can't find a good airfare, take the train.

Anne Jun 5th, 2000 08:11 PM

Pete, <BR> <BR>If you're arriving in Gatwick and want to spend a first great couple a days,and have a car, drive to Richmond, where there is an incredible walk along the Thames, rich in out of the way history, and Fodors has a book that captures it, "Short Escapes in Britain." Settle into a beautiful scene and let those teenagers stretch. <BR>Anne

Nigel Doran Jun 5th, 2000 10:15 PM

I would check with your international carrier to see if they can get you a flight on B A from Gatwick to E'burgh. If not, then go to their website and see if they are doing any 'World Offers', which is when British Airways sells of cheaps seats. <BR>You could always get the train to E'burgh. Bear in mind that it would take at least 2 hours to get from Gatwick to London Kings Cross, including time to get thru customs etc. (You could get the Gatwick Express to Victoria and then pick up the Victoria line tube to Kings Cross to get the train to E'burgh.) If you do that, you might like to spend a night in London on the way in, depending on when you get in to England, and you might like to spend a night in London on the way back. <BR>Once you have considered what you want to do, go to to book cheap but restricted tickets from Kings Cross to E'burgh. If you book ahead enough, expect to pay about 35 per return ticket. <BR>The TrainLine is also good for times for all G B train services. Email directly if you need any more help.

Diane Jun 6th, 2000 05:55 AM

We are using EasyJet to get up to Edinburgh in August - flying from the states to Gatwick. EasyJet flies out of Luton. $80 round trip. For Stansted or Luton, do a search on those airports, in their sites, they have links to train and bus transportation from Gatwick. <BR>I agree with the Scotland choice. My 16 year old son loves it, hiking, checking out the castles, and of course fish and chips.

LINDA CAMPION Jun 6th, 2000 12:16 PM

just a tip about hire cars...avoid hiring over the internet. <BR>I have just been up to Edinburgh having hired a car and was charged double what it would have cost had I just walked up to the counter at the airport. <BR>Fortunately, the assistant was feeling kind but would have been in trouble had her bosses found out. <BR> <BR>I believe ALAMO are among the best value HIRE CARS.

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