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John Aug 31st, 2000 03:51 PM

Baggage on Rail Europe
First, thanks to all who have answered my previous questions...what a great site! I will be travelling in Italy next week and am wondering if there are any limitations on the amount of luggage one can take aboard Rail Europe trains. My travel companion and I have three bags each. Thanks in advance for your advice!

Thyra Aug 31st, 2000 03:59 PM

John, to my knowlege there is no strict limitation on what you can bring on Italian trains but IMO you might want to cut down on some of those bags, I think you will have a better trip. 6 bags will seem like an enormous amount of luggage while you are running around catching trains and doing public transpo. I speak from experience, the first time I went to Europe I got through the first day, then threw away half the stuff I brought so that I didn't have to carry so many bags. This is my opinion, but if I were you two, I would seriously consider getting your luggage down to a MAXIMUM of 2 bags or ideally one bag plus a very small purse or day pack sized bag. There are many previous posts on how to trim down luggage. I roll my clothes wear all matching colors, wear my heaviest shoes on the plane, put all my big bottles of shampoo etc. in small trip sized bottles and if all else fails, remember you can buy extra clothes in Italy.

Tony Aug 31st, 2000 04:18 PM

John.. <BR> <BR>For an enjoyable trip you need ONE medium size bag, less than 20 pounds loaded, preferrably on wheels. <BR>On the plane you need a thin nylon type carry on for tickets, passport, book etc. On arrival throw out all the airline junk, transfer your tickets and passport to your main bag, then roll up the empty carry on bag and put it in your main bag too. This way you then have only one bag to worry about leaving one hand free for ticket machines etc. <BR>If you are planning on more do a serious re-think.

elvira Aug 31st, 2000 05:49 PM

Ditto, John. Unless you're NOT changing trains, 6 bags is way too much to try to get off one train, find a porter or cart, drag it all to the next train (sometimes there are only minutes between trains, and only nanoseconds until the train you're deboarding leaves for the next stop) and get on the next one. <BR> <BR>I, too, did the gigundo suitcase on my first trip...ixnayed that real fast. <BR>

Rex Sep 1st, 2000 09:49 AM

While three bags will surely represent a challenge, you could do it, and I have more than once, especially late in a trip. Better to have three bags that are 10-15 kilos each than ONE (or worse yet, TWO) in the 20-25 kilo range. <BR> <BR>And your problems may be worse IN the station than on the train. I always recommend this test: carry ALL you luggage in a single trip up an ordinary stairway in your house, and make sure you can do it without your torso or the luggage touching the walls or the steps. <BR> <BR>I also recommend that any ONE piece you carry, you ought to be able to lift entire above your head and hold it there for 10 seconds. <BR> <BR>If you can do those two things, you will have no problems. <BR> <BR>Best wishes, <BR> <BR>Rex <BR> <BR>

Kim Sep 1st, 2000 10:53 AM

John, <BR> <BR>I've learned to pack light with experience!! My first trip to Europe which was a summer study abroad, I had a huge suitcase & carry-on, plus another bag (which I bought in Paris) for all the stuff I bought while I was there. I regretted buying so much stuff!! Next trip (3 weeks long) all I took was my Rick Steves backpack (regulation carry on size) and my dad & I shared a garment bag (he had a backpack, too). We did laundry as we went. My new husband & I are going again next month on our honeymoon and all we're taking is our Rick Steves backpacks and a SMALL carry on for the camera, books, etc. I highly recommend trimming down your baggage to one bag, two at the very most. It is such pain to lug suitcases around-- especially if you're travelling on the train. Please rethink how many bags you're going to bring! A quote from Rick Steves, "No one says 'Every year I pack heavier'". Just my 2 cents! Enjoy your trip! <BR> <BR>Kim

elaine Sep 1st, 2000 11:12 AM

John <BR>There are even more logistics to consider. The end of each car (at least in 1st class) has a large luggage rack with a couple of tiers, with the top one perhaps 5 feet or so off the ground. It is very often already full when you board, unless you are lucky. There are overhead bins above the seats, but they are small, not very deep, and you indeed need to think about lifting heavy weights above your head (and down again later), not to mention there not being room for 6 bags above each seat. All of this is in addition to the fatigue, inconvenience, and general pain in the a... of manoeuvering all that stuff to and from stations, to and from hotels, to and from airports, down the street , etc. <BR> <BR>Please take the advice about cutting your luggage down to no more than two each; even better would be one medium-sized one for each of you,with, if necessary perhaps a small tote additionally for each. Laundry and drycleaning can be done along the way somewhere, whether by your hotel, or even in coin-operated laundries in bigger cities. <BR>If you have reasons why you will have more stuff (sample cases, golf clubs, or whatever) find some way of shipping some of it on ahead to your hotel. Those of us who are so vehement about this know whereof we speak.

topper Sep 2nd, 2000 03:52 AM


Lisa Sep 2nd, 2000 05:57 AM

John, <BR>Listen to all advice regarding packing light! It will be the best thing you "give" yourself on the trip! I went to Euro this past summer for the first time and thought I packed light(3 bags,yikes!) Dragging those bags through 3 airports in one day was pure HELL! Going to the bathroom at an airport(I was alone, no one to watch my bags for me) was an ordeal I will NEVER suffer through again! Manuvering those 3 bags into the stall with me....IIEEEE!!

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