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Eric S. Jul 25th, 2001 07:52 AM

Bag size allowance
Flying to Italy via Alitalia. Their maximum CHECK-IN bag size is 62" - rather small. Im wondering how strict they are about this policy - will they charge me the freight charge if my bag is only 6" longer then allowed? Thanks all!

Rex Jul 25th, 2001 08:38 AM

Are you moving to Italy? If not, I recommend you not exceed 22 x 16 x 10. Take two of them if you wish, but otherwise, the freight charge you get levied will be the least of your problems if you have one bag that large. <BR> <BR>Best wishes, <BR> <BR>Rex <BR>

janice Jul 25th, 2001 10:18 AM

Dear Eric, <BR>Rex is absolutely right - I could sleep in a bag that big! Carrying that around is going to be a nightmare - take two bags, or figure out a way to take a LOT LOT less. (I routinely go to Italy for 2 weeks, in the winter, with a single carry on bag) <BR>Good luck!

Ed Jul 25th, 2001 11:15 AM

Eric, the thing with Alitalia is to expect the unexpected. There's no one on the forum who can predict what an Alitalia person is going to do. <BR> <BR>For others who have commented: <BR>The 22x16x10 bag cited totals 48 inches, compard to Eric's 68. While I agree that his bag is a bit large to tote around, it's not THAT much bigger. It could be, for example, 28x21x19, hardly a giant bag. I don't know about either of you, but I'd have a hard time sleeping in that! <BR> <BR>twenj

Rex Jul 25th, 2001 01:28 PM

22 x 16 x 10 = 3520 cubic inches <BR>28 x 21 x 19 = 11172 cubic inches <BR> <BR>217% larger. <BR> <BR>If each held water, the difference would be 57 liters versus 183 liters. <BR> <BR>Or 126 pounds versus 403 pounds. <BR> <BR>I think the difference is more than "a bit large to tote around". <BR>

mathteacher Jul 25th, 2001 01:43 PM

Gee, Rex, we really needed you to do that math for us.

aaa Jul 25th, 2001 02:09 PM

If anyone would have experience at carrying around 403 pounds of something in Europe it would be you, Rex. I would have thought it not to be water though. (Rhymes with pulpit.) <BR> <BR>Inches to liters to pounds. A demonstration of your wizardry? Gee, I'm impressed.

xxx Jul 25th, 2001 05:00 PM

Classic Dr. Ego-Spoofer. Start with sarcastic remark to question (Are you moving to Italy?) and then defend yourself to the nines when someone disagrees with your opinion.

aaa Jul 25th, 2001 05:54 PM

Yes, you would think someone with the education of a physician would know that if he weren't so offensive he wouldn't have to be so viciously defensive. <BR> <BR>I know many doctors have God complexes, but ...

xxX Jul 25th, 2001 06:04 PM


idunno Jul 25th, 2001 07:51 PM

It was about a BAG! Can't we all just get along?

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