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John Jun 20th, 2001 06:22 PM

Back from Germany and Rome: Trip report
Hi everyone! <BR>Just returned from Rome and Germany and have now recovered from jet lag. This is just a brief report. <BR> <BR>1. Stayed in Domus-Julia B&B in Rome. Absolutely the best hotel room I have had in 30 years travel in Europe. Located on via Rosella, it was central to everything, huge room in 400 year old building with original exposed beams. Cost L250K. <BR> <BR>2. Rome is still a great city despite the huge number of tourists combing over all the sites. The guided tours following the raised umbrella were particularly obnoxious and pushy. But they could not overcome the beauty of Rome. <BR> <BR>3. Saw the Vatican and Sistine Chapel. Waited 45 minutes in line to get to ticket windows. Skipped St. Peters as too late in the day and we had reached our tourist quota and cultural limit for the day. <BR> <BR>4. Ate fabulous meals every night for five nights. Only meal less than two hours was at pizzeria on the last night. Best restaurant: De Otello in Trastevere. Second best: Trattoria Tritone on via Tritone near Piazza Barberini. <BR> <BR>5. Spent last day at Ostia Antica. Not to be missed. Like Pompei only nicer. Very few tourists. <BR> <BR>6. Overnight train from Rome to Munich was an absolute highlight of the trip and I highly recommend it. Left Rome at 9 p.m. sitting in private cabin drinking Chianti. Awoke at 5:30 next morning to the Alps (snow at 1,000 meters) and had breakfast in cabin while traversing the Alps, sitting in our underwear. <BR> <BR>7. Did not toss a coin in the Trevi (too many tourists in the way), but I will return to Rome again and again. <BR> <BR>GERMANY <BR> <BR>1. Munich, especially Schwabing, is a great city. We spent two days there and several hours in the Residenze which is unbelievable. <BR> <BR>2. Ate Weisswurst at the Cafe Donisil on Marienplatz with brez'n, baurenbrot and beer. Unbeatable. <BR> <BR>3. Spent time with my wife's family in Krefeld, near Duesseldorf, and visited many of my old haunts. Saw old opera friends. <BR> <BR>4. Spent time with Brunhilde, my wife's sister, in Frankfurt. Traveled to Odenwald, south of Frankfurt, and saw old friends. This area is so beautiful, both my wife and I agreed that if we moved back to Germany we would move back here. <BR> <BR>That's all I can think of for now. If anyone wants more specific info, don't hesitate to email me. I'll be glad to help as much as I can. <BR> <BR>Thanks to everybody who helped with info prior to our trip. I look forward to planning another trip with the help of all the great people on Fodor's. <BR> <BR>Ciao, auf Wiedersehen! See ya <BR>John

Art Jun 20th, 2001 10:17 PM

Hi John, glad you had a great trip. Did your wife let you out of her sight with Brunhilda. Did you happen to see a dark haired beautiful Brunhilda in Franfurt? I can't wait to get going on my trip in Sept. <BR>Regards, <BR>Art <BR>

John Jun 21st, 2001 06:51 AM

Hey Art, I love my sister in law. <BR> <BR>Didn't see that other Brunhilde, but I did see...well, let's leave it at that. <BR>John

Wrenda Jun 21st, 2001 07:31 AM

John, My son co-oped w/Bell South in Atlanta. We're going to Rome for our 30th wedding anniversary & taking our sons, aged 23 and 21 for their first visit. Husband & I spend one day in Rome by train 20 yrs ago. How can I contract Domus-Julia B&B ? Is it on the Via Rasella off Via D. Quattro Fontane just below Piazza Barberini?

Garry Jun 21st, 2001 07:36 AM

Here is the address http://[email protected]/ <BR>Garry

Bill Wahl Jun 21st, 2001 12:31 PM

John, <BR> <BR>Heading to Germany on Monday,June 25, 2001. What to pack? Should we take lots of U.S. dollars or do German merchants accept VISA? Thank you in advance. We don't have any European experience. <BR> <BR>Bill Wahl

John Jun 21st, 2001 12:52 PM

Hi Wrenda, that's correct. Via Rosella is a one way street, one block long, about 3 minute walk from P. Barberelli. Garry's web address is correct. <BR>Phone: Riccardo - Domus Julia <BR>Tel : +39/06/4881637 <BR>Fax : +39/06/4817044 <BR> <BR> <BR>

John Jun 21st, 2001 12:59 PM

Hi Bill, <BR>You will have a great time in Germany. Do not take a lot of dollars. Merchants accept Visa, MC, AmEX, etc. Also, ATM machines are everywhere and as easy to use as in the states. You get the best exchange rates on credit cards and at ATMs. Aslo, the dollar is high now, so Germany is cheap. <BR> <BR>As to clothes, you don't say where you are going in Germany. Munich was warm and sunny week before last, but chilled a bit at night. Frankfurt was rainy and stormy last week (Wed. through Sun) with periods of sunshine. Needed jacket all day, turned heat on in room at night. Duesseldorf was rainy week before last and jackets were needed. Heat needed in room at night. <BR>However, three weeks ago, it was sunny and warm. Warm by German standards is in the 70s. <BR>You're going to love it. If I can be of more help, email me. <BR>John

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