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John Will Oct 30th, 1997 04:16 PM

Back from G.B. Thank to everyone's advice
We just got back from a trip to Scotland and England
and wanted to thank everyone who helped us and
replied to our questions. It was a wonderful trip and
we used much advice gained from your replys. If
anyone has any questions are needs help just reply.

Tricia Oct 30th, 1997 08:13 PM

Were you in London- Where did you stay- did you find the cost very prohibitive due to the exchange rate?

Pam Gates Oct 31st, 1997 04:35 PM

Hi, will be going to London in Feb for 5 or 6 days and am in need of ANY and ALL thoughts advice etc d/t never been overseas before. would appreciate whatever you have to offer, thanks, pg

John Will Nov 2nd, 1997 11:12 AM

We were in London for only two nights and one day. Most of the
time was spent in Scotland and north of London. Since we were flying out of
Gatwick and had a car we stayed there and took the Gatwick
Express to Victoria Station for the day. The train cost is
7.50 pounds one way and takes approx. 30 minutes.
Our hotel at Gatwick airport was the Moat Hotel close to the North Terminal.
The cost was 75 pounds a night excluding VAT. The hotel
was clean and comfortable. Other hotels at the airport included
Le Meridian (sp) at approm. 130 pounds a night, Travel Inn (36.50 pounds), and
Ramada. There are others and several BB near by also.

The cost is high due to the exchange rate, 1.6 to 1.7 but did
not prevent us from going. What was high was the car
rental and gas. We had max. insurance which increased
the cost substantially.

Our one day was not enough time in London. Pam, 5 or 6 days would
let you see alot of attractions. The sightseeing buses give you a good
idea of where everything is and let you pick your sights. In addition it
is reasonable cost for transportation. We used The Big Bus company
and cost 12 pounds. I recommend not driving in London, we drove everywhere else in
Scotland and England but didn't in London! The sightseeing tours have
several stops and you can get on and off at any of these stops. A bus
comes by every 5 to 15 minutes.

There are several good web sites, Fodors has information
on London. We bought two books also that were good reading
and providing much information, "Eyewitness Travel Guides: Great
Britain" and "Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit: Britain".

I hope this helps, have a great time and if you have further questions
just ask.

Mike Miller Nov 3rd, 1997 05:21 PM

Just returned last week from London. Stayed in the Vicarage hotel which you can book on the net but you must do it at least 3 months in advance! It's around the corner from Kensington Palace and is 60 pounds a nite with a huge breakfast. No ensuite rooms though (bathroom) they are all shared and there is no elevator for the 4 floors of rooms but all in all its probably one of the best values in London for the money. Also took Cheap Eats in London with us and it never steered us wrong. Buy a tube pass before you leave the states from British Tourist Authority - its much cheaper than buying a daily pass over there (It costs 3.60 (GBP) for an off peak daily pass)

Jenny Nov 6th, 1997 04:49 PM

Just a tip about the Gatwick Express. There is actually another train that goes from Victoria Station to Gatwick that is a few pounds cheaper. I asked how much longer it took compared to the Gatwick Express. The answer was about 7 minutes! It stops at only one or two stations more than the Express train. At Victoria Station, don't follow the signs to the Gatwick Express. Instead, go to the regular ticket booth and buy your ticket there. It is the local train service, however it was still quite comfortable and it was not crowded at all when we caought it, although I dare say that will vary with the time of day.

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