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Rob Sep 13th, 1999 02:56 PM

Back from 17 day trip to eastern europe--questions??
Just recently returned from trip to Czech Republic (Prague), Austria (Vienna, Linz, Halstatt), Poland (Krakow) and Hungary (Budapest, Visegrad, Eger)...I'm here for questions if any....

lynn Sep 13th, 1999 04:47 PM

Hi - <BR> <BR>I'm hoping to plan a trip for next spring to Prague and Budapest. Please let me know what you can out of the following..... <BR> <BR>The top 5-10 things to do and see in Prague. <BR> <BR>How easy is it get around both Prague and Budapest. <BR> <BR>I was planning about 4-5 days in Prague and 2 in this about right based on your trip? <BR> <BR>Is communication difficult? Do you know any words in either language? <BR> <BR>Was the food good? Was it cheap? <BR> <BR>Where did you stay? How was it? <BR> <BR>These are just off the top of my head. Any other little tidbits would be much appreciated. <BR> <BR>:-)

Lara Sep 14th, 1999 03:27 PM

We're planning on going to Prague, Budapest, and Vienna in the Spring. First things first, we need recommendations for accommodations. Any help would be great. <BR>Thanks.

Rob Sep 14th, 1999 05:33 PM

Lynn: What I can tell you is that you have a lot of time to read up on those cities before you go. To me, Prague is the most naturally beautiful city in Europe (the castle, Charles Bridge and especially the old town square). Budapest is also a fascinating city. I've been to Prague twice, 5 days may be a little heavy for Prague, but you can decide for yourself when you go. As far as some of the other questions, things are dirt cheap in both cities (the beer is great in Prague), the food I found only OK; there is enough english spoken by people to get by (especially in Prague now). Couple suggestion on other places you may want to consider: visit CEsky Krumlov (about 3 hours from Prague) and visit Eger (about 2 hours from Budapest) and drink wine in caves all night for ridiculously low prices. <BR> <BR>Lara: When in Prague and Vienna, we really budgeted when it came to hotels; and really took the first thing we found that fit our budget. But, we did stay in good areas (which I think is most important). In Vienna, we stayed on the Mariahilferstrasse (near the Ring) and there are quite a few hotels in that large street. In Budapest, we were hounded by people who had flats for rent. We took someone up and checked her place out. Again, a decent place but it was in a great location--near Vaci Utca on the Pest Side.

STEVE Sep 16th, 1999 02:06 PM

I have also had good success finding decent rooms in Budapest. There will be plenty of people at the train station advertising their apartment. The popular hostels seem to be a little bit of a hike from the center.

Dave Feb 2nd, 2000 03:22 PM

A friend and I are headed for Prague, Vienna and Budapest in early May. <BR> <BR>I would like to know if anyone has experience/ideas on travelling between the cities... air, train, bus, car... what works, what doesn't?

milos Feb 2nd, 2000 05:00 PM

I will be going to warsaw and krakow in may. Any suggestions re accomadations. <BR>thanks

Jaime Torres George Feb 3rd, 2000 11:00 AM

Rob: <BR> <BR>Just need to know if you can help me giving me some directions of flea markets in Krakow , Warsaw , Prague.I'm looking for russion stuffs like any kind of battle gear (uniforms , knifes etc..)and easter block curios , Are great bargain for dollars? What bus or train I need to take, It's in the center of a town or are so far.

Rob Mar 2nd, 2000 09:18 AM

Boy, I return to Fodor's for the first time in a few months and see one of my September posts brought back to life...amazing! <BR> <BR>Dave: as far as travelling b/w Prague, Vienna and Budapest, they are conveninenly lined...train from Prague to Vienna is about 4 hours, and from Vienna to Budapest, another 4 hours. We took an overnight from Budapest to Krakow, a really amazing place! One more thing, Eger is a great day/night trip from Budapest, about 2 hours away, and don't miss the Valley of the Beautiful Women and the wine caves!! <BR> <BR>Milos: in Krakow, there is a series of modest hotels that are right next to the train station and line the old square...can't remember the names off-hand but I believe they are in LP of Lets Go...great location.

Alice Mar 2nd, 2000 08:31 PM

Hi. I am going to Hungary March the 15th. I was there last year, but did not do anything much because of the war with Kosovo. I stayed with a family I meet through Ibusz. They were so nice I spent almost all my time with them. I did go to the opera and to Gundel's Resturant to eat. I enjoyed both very much. The Opera more I must admit. What I would like to know if you can help me is, I am going with acamcorder this year and I'd like to know if I can recharge the batteries there?? No one seem to know the answer to this. I have adaptors for Eastern europe, but I do not want burn someone's place down or burn my camcorder up. I saw many people there with them. Also will it get messed up going there those airport machines?? And the film also. Are those adaptors safe to use for other things?Please any help I would be so very happy for. I am so excited to go again. I went alone. So that is why I was A chicken to go anywhere. I feel much more secure now that I know how to use the metro's, trams and trolly's. I have been trying to relearn the Language. What is a nice country side to visit for a day or two? I am in my mid 40's so I do not want a place that is full of bars and partying. Thank you very much for any help.

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