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dee1113 Aug 23rd, 2005 04:28 PM

Baby Jesus of Prague
Which Church in Prague is known for the "Baby Jesus of Prague?" My grandmother gave me a statue with wardrobe in my youth and I'd love to visit the original Church. Thanks. Dee

Nimrod Aug 23rd, 2005 04:55 PM

results returned from a <i>google</i> search:;i...ague%22+church

barbmike Aug 23rd, 2005 04:57 PM

According to a religious card, the statue is located in the Church of Our Lady of Victory. Mike

Intrepid1 Aug 23rd, 2005 05:03 PM

I assume you are speaking of the more commonly named &quot;Infant of Prague&quot; HE resides in the Church of St. Nicholas in one of the side chapels.

Intrepid1 Aug 23rd, 2005 05:05 PM

Sorry, my mistake. Mike is correct.

Nimrod Aug 23rd, 2005 05:09 PM

more information:

elaine Aug 23rd, 2005 05:17 PM

be advised that if you go there before 9:30 am or so, there will likely be a morning mass going on and you will not be able to
walk around just for a visit. The Infant is on the main church level, it is quite small (I thought). The outfits are up a narrow spiral staircase.

dee1113 Aug 23rd, 2005 06:57 PM

Thanks so much. Can't wait to visit. I can do some research now that I have some links. Dee

Cicerone Aug 24th, 2005 10:49 PM

There is a mass in English on Sundays, at Noon . The church is on the same side of the river as the castle, and easily walk able from the Charles Bridge, or you can take a tram a stop or two. In addition to the museum upstairs, there is a gift shop in the basement if you want to buy other replicas, cards etc. As noted above, during mass, you cannot get up near to where the infant is displayed on the side altar.

The website for the church is

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