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Judy Oct 2nd, 1999 07:23 PM

B & B's in Scotland
Had a delightful time in Ireland 1998 and would like to do a similar trip to Scotland. Got a package with flight, rental car(Did upgrade to automatic), and vouchers for B & B's. Anyone have favorite B & B's? Recommend special roads or routes? Is there a national B & B federation? When does spring come--April or May?

Sheila Oct 3rd, 1999 01:11 PM

Difficult to recommend B&Bs without a bit more info. What d you like to see/do? How long would you be here for? <BR> <BR>Spring- mid to late May, although it can be fine earlier. June is good too.

jeff Oct 5th, 1999 04:05 PM

Hi Judy, <BR> If you're staying in Edinburgh, I highly recommend the Elmview B&B. They have a website, just type in Elmview B&B on any browser and you can tour the place. I love it because the rooms are large and so are the bathrooms. For about 35 pounds a night, you get first class service. The host are very friendly and the breakfast is fantastic. You also get welcoming sherry and an assortment of biscuits. An added bonus is a small fridge which comes in very handy if you buy perishables at the grocery. <BR> I suggest making Edinburgh your base and driving to wherever you want to go. I've done that several times and have made day trips to Inverness, Loch Ness, Isle of Skye, St. Andrews, and Aberdeen. Have a great trip! <BR>

Cruz Oct 5th, 1999 08:42 PM

<BR>Oh Yes. I have a great one!!! This B&B was located in Lewiston, next to Drumnadrochit(ie. Loch Ness): <BR>The Inn Keeper was called Morag Campbell, She was a very wonderful woman and her husband was also very helpful! When I got "lost". I was confused by the roads and such, I called them up, and her husband came to get me...Her address is as follows: Glen Of Ferness, Lewiston, Drumnadrochit-014556 450 564, Invernesshire IV3 6UW; <BR>She has two wonderful dogs, she took me on a walk around her area w/her dogs and it was great!!! She treated me like one of the family. she gave me total access to her living room so I could watch tv, and this being my first trip outside Texas, she let me be at home. Her prices are remarkable. I can't remember how much it was, but it was cheap! You can "hike" up to THE CASTLE(about one mile)-trust me, it's long, but it's worth it... Sheep everywhere....It's great!!!Loch Ness was great-I don't know where in Scotland you wanted to go to but if you're travelling to old Nessie, that's the place to be...If you do go there, please tell her the girl from Texas, that was there in March(Cruz) says HI, and I will be going back there soon!!! <BR>If you are looking for a place in Edinburgh, I stayed at the FLESHMARKET LODGE, off of the train station...It was ok, you must visit the HEBRIDES PUB!!!I met Tam the Gun from Edinburgh Castle, and Duncan, the overseer of the castle. They were so drunk, but yet they were so kind!!! Oh great, now I'm missing Scotland again, I wish I can go back now, but I'm going to Paris. I should've chosen Scotland AGAIN!!!!! If you need any more info., let me know!!!!!

bruce Oct 6th, 1999 03:45 PM

Was in Scotland last May, early month, and it was chilly and rainy. Saw the sun for a few hours 1 day during entire trip. Didn't matter. Was an amazingly interesting place and traveled from Edinburgh to Stirling to Inverness to Loch Ness to Loch Lomond and Glasgow. It'll be chilly and wet but it's beautiful.

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